Elizabeth Debicki Embraces New Horror Role in ‘MaXXXine’

Elizabeth Debicki Embraces New Horror Role in ‘MaXXXine’

Elizabeth Debicki, widely acclaimed for her portrayal of Princess Diana in Netflix’s series The Crown, has taken on a strikingly different role in her latest project, MaXXXine.

The actress describes this new role as a “medicinal palate cleanser” following her intense experience portraying the late princess. “I shot this quite soon after wrapping on The Crown and I found it to be a very medicinal palate cleanser,” Debicki shared, highlighting the stark contrast between the two roles.

In MaXXXine, the final installment of Ti West’s X horror trilogy, now showing in cinemas, Debicki steps into the shoes of Elizabeth Bender, a director crucial in launching the career of Maxine Minx (played by Mia Goth) in The Puritan II.

Set in the vibrant yet eerie landscape of 1980s Los Angeles, the film weaves together Minx’s ascent to stardom with the looming menace of the Night Stalker, a notorious serial killer from that era.

Reflecting on her unexpected venture into horror, Debicki expressed, “I have no idea why this came my way, except that when I read the script it felt symbiotic and I felt really connected to the role.” This connection underscores Debicki’s versatility and willingness to explore diverse characters beyond her established image.

The actress, who previously won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Princess Diana, emphasized the transformative power of her craft: “It’s a really interesting ride being an actor. It’s not really my job to see myself in certain ways, it’s my job to become the thing that people need me to become.” This insight reveals her commitment to fully immersing herself in her roles, regardless of the genre.

Debicki also noted the parallels between her character, Elizabeth Bender, and Ti West’s journey as a filmmaker. She praised the collaborative spirit that has defined MaXXXine and its predecessors, X and Pearl (both released in 2022). The synergy between cast and crew is evident in the film’s execution, adding depth to its narrative.

With MaXXXine, Debicki continues to demonstrate her range and adaptability as an actress, venturing boldly into new cinematic territories. Audiences can now witness her latest transformation on the big screen, as she navigates the dark, thrilling world of 1980s horror.