FBR issues guidelines for recruitment in Inland Revenue

FBR issues guidelines for recruitment in Inland Revenue

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Tuesday issued guidelines for recruitment in BS-1 to BS-15 in Inland Revenue Department.

The vacant posts in BS 01 to 15 in the field formations of Inland Revenue have been advertised in the national press on August 29, 2021.

The candidates have been advised to submit their applications directly to the concerned IR field offices by September 20, 2021.

The recruitment process has to be finalized by the field formations by December 15, 2021, as per instructions of the Establishment Division.

In order to ensure transparency and merit-based selection/recruitment, the following guidelines have been prepared in the light of relevant rules and latest instructions of the Federal Government, to have uniformity in the recruitment process, which are for the guidance of the field formations.

These guidelines are of supplemental nature, do not over-ride the relevant rules/regulations and instructions of the Government on the subject:

The advertisement for recruitment shall be affixed on the Notice Board of each field office.

The recruitment process must be transparent, merit-based, and must be strictly completed in accordance with the relevant rules/procedures/instructions issued from time to time by the Government of Pakistan.

The concerned field formations will conduct requisite tests for the posts where warranted under the service rules. No testing agency can be engaged for the recruitment process in the right of latest instruction of the Federal Government conveyed vide Establishment Division 0.M No. 53/1/2008-SP dated 06.05.2020.

It may be noted that the Federal Government has withdrawn its O.M. dated 29.07.2019 regarding conducting balloting for the post in BPS 1-5 vide SRO 198(1)/2020 dated 11.03.2020, so there will be no balloting for recruitment against any posts in any grade.

The heads of field formation shall designate an officer of their formation to act as the focal person to assist the relevant Departmental Selection Committees (DSCs) in the selection/recruitment process against posts falling under their jurisdiction (Copy of order shall be endorsed to the Board).

The focal person shall be the secretariat and custodian of the entire record of recruitment.

The focal person shall communicate in writing to the DSCs the exact number of vacancies, so that selection could be made only according to the number of vacancies available in the budget and advertised.

However, the number of vacancies must not increase as advertised, without the approval of the Board and Establishment Division. The DSC shall judge the applicants on the basis of guidelines as laid down by the Establishment Division’s 0.M.No.F.53/1/2008-SP dated 3rd March 2015.

The DSC shall consider the employees already working on a contract/contingent basis / daily wages/project staff in the light of Establishment Division’s 0.M.No.F.53/1/2008-SP dated 11th May 2017.

Quota reserved for women, minorities, and disabled persons must be observed, as per the Government’s instructions/policy.

Vacancies for BS-01 to BS- 05 shall be filled on a local basis in terms of Rule, 16 whereas vacancies for BS 06 to 15 shall be filled by appointment of persons domiciled in the province or region concerned strictly under Rule 15 of the Civil Servants (Appointment, Promotion & Transfer) Rules, 1973 read with Establishment Division 0.M No. 4/3/2019-R-II dated 21.08.2019.

Those contract employees (65-01 to 15) who were appointed under the Prime Minister’s Assistance Package for the families of Government employees, who died in service and are still working in the field formations, may also be considered by the DSCs for regular appointment through the selection process, subject to the condition that they have duly applied and fulfilled the criteria of recruitment.

The Departmental Selection Committee shall oversee the recruitment process including skill test / physical test. DSCs may engage the local Traffic office for the post of Dispatch Rider to conduct the Driving test.

The process of interview (where required) shall be initiated by the DSCs immediately on receipt of the list of short-listed candidates. The top five (05) candidates (in order of merit) against each vacancy would be shortlisted and called for an interview. The call letters for the interview may be issued at least 15 days in advance of the date of the interview and must be issued through the Registered post to ensure timely delivery to candidates. The call letter shall also be emailed to candidates at the address provided on the application form and the delivery report shall be made part of the recruitment record.

The DSCs shall prepare proper minutes of their recommendations for selection, duly signed by all members, including the Chairman of the respective Committee. The Committees shall recommend and select suitable candidates, in order of merit, as Principal Candidate(s) according to the number of available vacancies and also recommend alternate candidates up to 50 percent of the vacant posts to be kept on the separate waiting list for a period of six months, so that in case of non-joining of any principal candidate, the alternate candidate could be offered the post.

It may be noted that the waiting list will not be valid for an indefinite period; rather it will be valid only for the current selection process and shall be considered invalid when all the vacancies currently advertised are filled.

The concerned field formation will prepare the lists/particulars of the qualified candidates with scores awarded for the skill test and submit the lists to the concerned departmental Selection Committees (DSCs) specifically constituted in each field formation for the purpose of recruitment.

6 Weeks Basic IT Training for the post of Assistant (BS-15) and 3 weeks training for the post of UDC (BS-11)/LDC (65-09) respectively, from NITB, is mandatory, therefore this term & condition must be mentioned in the offer letter of the selected candidates.

In case applications received within due date, due to misunderstanding of the candidates regarding jurisdiction of an office, not relating to the concerned field office, the same may be sent to concerned field formations immediately and its proper acknowledgment receipt must be obtained and placed on record under intimation to the candidates accordingly.

After compilation of recommendations for selection and signing of minutes of the meetings, the Chairman of the DSCs shall forward the signed minutes to the respective Appointing Authority for approval. The result shall be displayed on the Notice Board of the respective office and shall be submitted to the Board for placement on FBR’s website. The selected candidates shall be issued an offer of appointment by the concerned office in the prescribed format. The appointment letters must be issued through the Registered post to ensure timely delivery.

The number of existing vacant posts in the respective field formation must be re-confirmed from Budget Book prior to issuance of offer of appointment.

The respective Appointing authorities through their designated focal persons will be personally responsible for any lapse i.e recruitment made in excess of the actual number of vacant posts in the respective formation or any procedural lapse/irregularity and record will be saved/preserved for Audit and Accountability by the Focal Person.

Domiciles of candidates shall be verified in the light of the Establishment Division’s letter No. 5/7/2009/PPRAC-Vol.X11 dated 31.03.2021 and No. 5/1/2021-(R) dated 06.04.2021.

A list of finally selected candidates against the vacant posts may invariably be forwarded to the Board for information and record by each office upon completion of the recruitment process.

The maximum age limit for the post of Dispatch Rider (BS-04) as per the advertisement available on FBR’s website is (30+5=35) years.

No candidate shall be appointed without verification of character/antecedent and Medical Fitness Certificate by the Authorized Medical Board.