FBR notifies promotions of Customs officers to BS-21

FBR notifies promotions of Customs officers to BS-21

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Friday notified promotions of BS-20 officers of Pakistan Customs Service (PCS) to BS-21 on regular basis with immediate effect.

Following officers have been promoted to BS-21:

1. Muhammad Iqbal Bhawana

2. Wajid Ali

3. Ms. Rabab Sikandar

4. Zulfiqar Younus

5. Ms. Shahnaz Maqbool

6. Ahmad Rauf

7. Ms. Seema Raza Bokhari

The FBR said that the officers, who are presently posted against BS-21 posts on OPS, will actualize their promotions against their respective BS-21 positions. Postings of the remaining officers will be notified separately.

The officers mentioned at Sr.No.4, 5 and 7 shall actualize their promotions on return from deputation in the light of Para 5(5) of the Civil Servants Promotion (BPS-18 to BPS-21) Rules, 2019 issued vide SRO 1493(1)/2019 dated 03.12.2019.

The officer at Sr.No.1 will actualize his promotion against Board’ Notification No. 0424-C-I/2021 dated 26.02.2021.

The officers, if drawing performance allowance prior to issuance of this notification, shall continue to draw this allowance on their promotion.

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