FBR notifies revision in exemption regime under sales tax laws

FBR notifies revision in exemption regime under sales tax laws

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued changes brought through Finance Act, 2019 in exemption regime under Sixth Schedule of the Sales Tax Act, 1990.

Following changes have been made in Table-1 of the Schedule:

i. Exemptions at the existing serial numbers 2,3, and 72, relating to meat, fish, poultry meat etc. have been amended to clearly provide that these exemptions also apply to products specified thereunder even if these products are packed.

ii. Under serial number 19, the products of milling industry, as sold in retail packing bearing brand names, have been excluded from purview of exemption, however, wheat and meslin flour shall remain exempt even if so packed or sold under a brand name. Redundant PCT Heading 1102.1000 has also been omitted.

iii. Serial numbers 36 and 37 pertaining to Gold and Silver, in unworked condition, have been omitted. Gold and Silver have been placed in the 8th schedule and chargeable to sales tax at the reduced rate of 1%. Gold and Silver have also been excluded from the purview of minimum value-addition tax [email protected] 3% at import stage under Twelfth Schedule.

iv. The expression “excluding electricity and natural gas” has been added in serial number 52A relating to exemption on goods supplied to specified hospitals. Now, such hospitals are no more eligible for exemption on supplies of electricity and gas.

v. The exemption at serial number 85, as available to fat filled milk, has been restricted to such milk as is not sold in retail packing under a brand name or a trademark. Such packed and branded fat filled milk now shall be subject to 10% sales tax under Eighth Schedule.

vi. In view of doing away with the special procedure for steel industry, the exemption available to vessels / ships for breaking at serial number 95 has been omitted. Vessels imported for breaking up are now taxable at 17%. Field formations of Customs should ensure chargeability of sales tax on import of vessels since 1st July, 2019.

vii. New serial number 151 has been added. This is a transposition of exemption under SRO 1212(I)/2018 which now has been rescinded and which provided exemption on supplies made within the tribal areas. In the transposed form, it allows further exemption on imports of industrial input including plant and machinery imported by industrial units located within tribal areas. These exemptions on imported inputs / plant and machinery shall be available subject to security mechanism specified under this serial.

viii. Newly added serial 152 provides exemption on supplies of electricity as made to all consumers in tribal areas. However, this exemption shall neither be available to industries established after 31st May, 2018, nor to any steel and ghee /oil industries.

ix. Through new serial number 153, imports and supplies by manufacturers of steel billets, ingots, ship plates, bars and other long re-rolled profiles, have been exempted. In lieu of this exemption, federal excise duty has been imposed on these items in sales tax mode.

In Table-2, relating to local supplies, two changes have been made:

(i) Exemption under serial number 16 shall not be available to ginned cotton, as the same has been subjected reduced rate of 10% in Eighth Schedule, at newly inserted serial number 65 in Table 1.

(ii) The exemption to cottonseed oil has been provided at serial number 25.

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