FBR promotes 75 data entry operators to MIS officers

FBR promotes 75 data entry operators to MIS officers

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Thursday promoted 75 Data Entry Operator (DEOs) BS-12 to the post of Management of Information System (MIS) Officer BS-16 on regular basis with immediate effect and until further orders.

The FBR has promoted top 75 senior DEOs, who were waiting for their promotions for a long time.

Following is the list of promoted DEOs to the post of MIS Officers:

Name and place of posting

01. Abdul Hamid Khan, Large Taxpayers Unit (LTU), Lahore

02. Muhammad Amin S/o Bashir Ahmad, Data Processing Center (DPC) Income Tax, Lahore.

03. Aslam Javed Butt, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

04. Muhammad Ismail S/o Ghulam Gilani, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

05. Syed Junaid Saeed, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

06. Tahir Hussain Khan, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

07. Syed Tariq Ali, DPC, Income Tax, Rawalpindi.

08. Khalid Mehmood Awan, DPC, Income Tax, Rawalpindi

09. Tahir Ali, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

10. Sabir Hussain Lashari, Regional Tax Office (RTO) Hyderabad.

11. Raheela Baloch, RTO Hyderabad.

12. Muhammad Iqbal S/o Muhammad Ishaq (late) DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

13. Idrees Ahmed, DPC, Income Tax, Lahore.

14. Parvez H Rizvi, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

15. Kamal Haider, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

16. S. Shafaat Hussain Naqvi, DPC, Income Tax, Multan.

17. Muhammad Mashkoor Khan, LTU Karachi.

18. S. M. Sharique, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

19. Kafil Ahmed Jamali, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

20. Shagufta Naz, Chief Coordinator Computer Wing, Income Tax, Islamabad.

21. Farida Essa, Directorate of Internal Audit (Inland Revenue), Islamabad.

22. Kauser Parveen, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

23. Muhammad Saleem, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

24. Mansoor Ahmed, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

25. Nadeem Yousuf Zai, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

26. Shahzad Saleem, RTO-II, Karachi.

27. Iffat Irfani, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

28. Nasir Khan Baloch, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

29. Muhammad Saeed Hussain Shah, DPC, Income Tax, Rawalpindi.

30. Riaz Ahmed, DPC, Income Tax, Rawalpindi.

31. Muhammad Iqbal, RTO, Faisalabad.

32. Saqib Ahmed Siddiqui, DPC, Income Tax, Peshawar.

33. Zafar Iqbal, DPC, Income Tax, Peshawar.

34. Ashraf Sohaib, RTO-II, Karachi.

35. Raheela Hakim, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

36. Shabbir Hussain, RTO, Faisalabad.

37. Saeed Tahir, DPC, Income Tax, Rawalpindi.

38. Muhammad Aslam, DPC, Income Tax, Rawalpindi.

39. Muhammad Rashid Bhatti, RTO-II Lahore.

40. Nadeem Ul Hasan, Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation, Inland Revenue, Karachi.

41. Malik Saeed Ahmed, DPC, Income Tax, Multan.

42. Ghulam Ali Malik, FBR Headquarter, Islamabad.

43. Imran Ahmed Khan, RTO-II, Lahore.

44. Shahid Iqbal, DPC, Income Tax, Multan.

45. Saifullah Bughio, RTO Hyderabad.

46. Abdul Aziz, LTU Karachi.

47. Muhammad Arif Mushtaq, LTU Karachi.

48. Azmatullah, RTO-II Karachi.

49. Syed Musheeruddin, LTU Karachi.

50. Mukhtar Jagirani, LTU Karachi.

51. Farrukh Saeed, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

52. Obaidullah Naeem, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

53. Muhammad Zahid S/o Hamid Ahmed Usmani, RTO Quetta.

54. Irfan Sabir, RTO Quetta.

55. Zafar Hassain, LTU Karachi.

56. Saleem Siddiqui, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

57. Syed Yousuf, LTU Karachi.

58. Malik Nasar Javed, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

59. Shabana Talat Siddiqui, RTO-III, Karachi.

60. Wajid Hussain, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

61. Sahir Farooqui, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

62. Noor Hayat Khan, Corporate RTO, Karachi.

63. Sh. M. Ismail S/o Shaikh Muhammad Ramzan, DPC, Income Tax, Karachi.

64. Ayaz Haider, RTO Peshawar.

65. Muhammad Yousuf Khan, LTU-II Karachi.

66. Muhammad Amin, DPC, Income Tax, Rawalpindi.

67. Muhammad Atif khan, DPC, Income Tax, Rawalpindi.

68. Iftikhar Ahmed, DPC, Income Tax, Rawalpindi.

69. Gul Khan, DPC, Income Tax, Rawalpindi.

70. Abdul Rauf Siddiqui, RTO-II, Lahore.

71. Ejaz Ahmed Butt, DPC Income Tax, Rawalpindi.

72. Naveed Mirza, DPC, Income Tax, Lahore.

73. Ghulam Muhammad Toor, DPC, Income Tax, Multan.

74. Asif Hussain, RTO Sialkot.

75. Arshad Mehmood, RTO Rawalpindi

The FBR said that the promoted officers would be on probation for a period of one year, extendable, for a further period not exceeding one year, provided that if no order is issued by the day of following the termination of probationary period, the appointment shall be deemed to be held until further orders.

The officers already drawing performance allowance equal to 100 percent of the basic pay will continue to draw the same on their promotion.

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