FBR tightens noose around electricity, gas consumers

FBR tightens noose around electricity, gas consumers

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued 650,000 notices to consumers of electricity and gas, who are not in the tax net, in its efforts to enhance tax compliance.

The FBR said that data has been obtained from DISCOs and Gas Companies for broadening of tax base. More than 650,000 notices have been issued on the basis of data obtained from DISCOs and in lieu of these notices 129,541 returns have been enforced so far.

The FBR has undertaken unprecedented enforcement measures to ensure filing of returns. Resultantly, the number of income tax return filers for TY2020 has crossed 3.1 million.

Tax Asaan, has been launched which provides basic verification features like ATL, Online NTN/STRN inquiry, exemption certificates and sales tax registration. Facility for filing income tax returns for salaried class has also been included in the application.

In order to develop 360 degree view of tax payers, data sources like banks, vehicles and real estate transactions have been captured and a Data Bank has been developed. Based on this data bank, notices to more than 200,000 high net-worth un-registered persons have been issued.

To ensure proper declaration of sales by retailers and to realize due revenue from them, FBR has initiated the integration of all sales outlets of tier-1 retailers with FBR’s central computerized system. The system shall ensure that all sales are reported in real-time to FBR and are duly accounted for in monthly sales tax returns of such retailers.

The scheme was initially launched for textile and leather retailers last year which has now been made mandatory for all tier-1 retailers with effect from 15th December 2019.

The field offices have been directed to undertake surveys in their respective jurisdictions and ensure integration of all tier-1 retailers.

In order to prevent leakage of revenue, under-reporting of production and sales, and to ensure proper payment of FED and Sales Tax on the manufacture and sale of specified goods/ products, FBR has initiated the implementation of Track and Trace System for specified goods/ products i.e. Tobacco, Cement, Sugar, Fertilizer and Beverages imported into or manufactured in Pakistan.

Sectorial analysis of huge business concerns has been conducted across the country by Assessment & Processing Units in all field formations of IRS. Sectors like cement, sugar, cotton and tobacco remained under focus. Legal action has been initiated against the defaulting units.

Legal actions (attachment of properties, arrests and seizures) has been made against huge tax-defaulters to create deterrence against tax-evaders.

Establishment of Inland Revenue Enforcement Network (IREN) to check smuggling and counterfeit products. Inland Revenue Service and Pakistan Customs Service have joined hands for anti-smuggling field intelligence exercise.

FBR has launched Maloomat (tax profiling system) on its web portal, containing data of 53 million citizens, giving access to the filers and non-filers to the information about their assets and bank accounts available with FBR.

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