FBR to target large taxpayers for detailed field audit

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to conduct tax audits of large taxpayers, who are selected through an automated risk-based tool.
According to World Bank’s updated report on ‘Pakistan Revenue Mobilization’ said that according disbursement linked Indicators (DLI) the FBR required to conduct tax audits on cases selected through an automated risk-based tool, informed by analysis of integrated data from multiple sources.
It sets targets for detailed field audits of large taxpayers, thereby making an efficient use of resources for the highest impact.
Riskbased audit is essential to deterring tax evasion and increasing compliance, especially for large taxpayers who use complex tax evasion techniques.
It also benefits compliant taxpayers, as it spares them the hassle and cost of ineffective mass audits and reduces the discretion of FBR officials to pick cases for audit.
The World Bank program also required the FBR to implement—through licensed agents—electronic production monitoring for high-risk sectors (e.g., sugar, cement, fertilizer) and electronic tracking of production, distribution, and sale of final products (tobacco, beverages).
It will increase compliance by reducing the risk of under-declaration of output, sales, and corporate profits, the report said.
The DLI related to new taxpayers with taxable incomes/sales identified through automated data sharing and ICT-based BI
(number)will ensures that the FBR will use the new ICT equipment and software that enables the BI and data mining tools to identify unregistered or noncompliant taxpayers.
It also disincentivizes the registration of individuals and firms without taxable income or sales, thereby avoiding inefficient use of FBR resources and negative impacts on micro firms and economically weaker households.
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