FBR urged to resolve return filing issue of shopkeepers, paid taxes under amnesty

FBR urged to resolve return filing issue of shopkeepers, paid taxes under amnesty

KARACHI: Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) has urged Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to resolve return filing by shopkeepers and persons paid duty and taxes under amnesty scheme.

The KTBA in a letter on Monday, urged the FBR to resolve the issues of retailers and small traders in filing their returns. Further, those persons are also in difficult state who had paid taxes under amnesty scheme but failed to file their returns.

The KTBA previously submitted it observations on the issues through letters dated September 20 and October 02 and October 30, 2019 with reference to woes of Amnesty Filers and Shopkeepers/Traders in context of Return filing.

The KTBA reiterated that their issues are still unresolved owing to which they cannot file their Tax Returns for TY 2019 despite repeated extensions.

The same are being narrated hereunder briefly to invite your necessary attention yet once again.
The KTBA said that it is critical to decide the fate of filers of the Assets Declaration Scheme of 2019 who could not submit their declarations due to untimely closure of the option on IRIS on July 03, 2019.

Consequent to which, they could not revise their wealth statements for the Tax Year 2018, which you would appreciate is a necessary component for filing the return of income and wealth for the next year i.e. Tax Year 2019.

It is apprehended that if they are not allowed to submit their declarations, which they have not been so far, in the last six (06) months, their right to timely file their returns of income for the Tax Year 2019 is systematically been jeopardized and mere extending date of filing wont resolve their problem.

The group of taxpayers consisting of Shopkeepers and Traders of the country who still have to be given, inter alia, a final format of Return for their tax filing, which the FBR introduced vide its notification under Sections 99B and 9C of the Ordinance and committed that the same would be applicable right from the very Tax Year of 2019.

The final notification, however, has not yet been issued by FBR either to confirm or to dispel their confusion owing to which, this large group of taxpayers have not yet been able to file their tax return.

The KTBA said that the instant request should not be treated for further extension in return filing date.

“It is, therefore, all befitting that the System for submitting Amnesty should be opened for those who paid their taxes on July 3rd and the final Notification for Shopkeepers/Traders is issued to enable them file their Tax returns.”

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