Google Maps Adds Speedometer, Speed Limits to iOS, CarPlay

Google Maps Adds Speedometer, Speed Limits to iOS, CarPlay

Google is now rolling out support for speedometer readings and speed limits in Google Maps for iOS users, including functionality through CarPlay.

This comes five years after the same features were introduced on Android, leaving many iOS users puzzled by the delay. Nonetheless, the update is finally here, though it might take a few weeks for the rollout to reach all users.

The new features are designed to enhance driving safety and convenience. The speedometer, which displays speed in either kilometers per hour (km/h) or miles per hour (mph) based on regional settings, can be activated by navigating to Settings > Navigation > Driving options in the Google Maps app.

In addition to the speedometer, the app will now display speed limits, subtly changing the color of the speedometer to alert drivers if they are exceeding the speed limit for a given stretch of road. This visual cue aims to encourage drivers to stay within legal speed limits, enhancing road safety.

However, Google emphasizes that the speedometer reading in Maps is “for informational use only.” Users are advised to rely on their vehicle’s speedometer for accurate speed readings. This caution underscores the importance of using Google Maps as a supplementary tool rather than a primary speed reference.

This update aligns Google Maps for iOS more closely with its Android counterpart, providing a more consistent user experience across platforms. The inclusion of these features reflects Google’s ongoing commitment to improving the functionality and safety of its navigation app.

For iOS users eagerly awaiting these updates, patience may be required as the rollout process can take a few weeks to complete. If the features are not immediately visible, rest assured that they will be available soon.

Google’s decision to implement these features on iOS is a significant step forward, addressing a long-standing gap between the Android and iOS versions of Google Maps. As iOS users begin to receive this update, they can look forward to a more informed and safer driving experience.