Hyundai launch N Vision 74 Concept car

Hyundai launch N Vision 74 Concept car

Hyundai Motors launched the N Vision 74 hydrogen fuel cell hybrid concept car in the Automobility LA show.

The car represents seven years of technological development and the N brand commitment to deliver an optimistic future for car enthusiasts, regardless of propulsion type.

The company developed a unique hydrogen hybrid architecture, with the hybrid structure of a battery-electric in combination with an FCEV system, placed in an all-new layout unique to the N Vision 74.

The fuel cell stack, with an output of 85 kW (Max 95 kW), is mounted in the front, and a 62.4kWh T-type battery is mounted in the bottom to lower overall height and center of gravity. The battery retains an 800V high-speed charging architecture.

Independent, rear-mounted motors, one per wheel, generate a total power output of 500kW. This allows engineers to precision tune power distribution between left and right wheels.

N Vision 74 features dual-charging capability, and the rear-mounted 9.3 lb. capacity hydrogen fuel tanks can be refueled within five minutes. The 85kW fuel cell converts hydrogen to electricity to charge the 62kWh battery.

The battery also shares the 800V battery technology from Hyundai’s e-GMP platform with fast-charge capability.

The key development objectives of the N Vision 74 is to deliver the highest driving emotion for the driver, even under severe track conditions. The N Vision 74 unique hydrogen hybrid architecture presents unique challenges for heat management.

There are three independent cooling channels for battery, fuel cell, and motor enable optimized energy efficiency and resistance to performance degradation.