If FBR not fixed, new tax authority will be created: PM

If FBR not fixed, new tax authority will be created: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said that reforming Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is priority of the government.

If the FBR fails to deliver then we will replace with a new tax authority, he said while addressing at the 11th All Pakistan Chambers President Conference.

He said that the reforms in the taxation system was need of the hour because without it the government would not able to meet its developmental expenditures.

The prime minister informed the business community that he was regularly discussing with Commerce Adviser Abdul Razak Dawood and Finance Minister Asad Umar on ways to boost revenue generation and making the FBR a business-friendly organization.

“But I should also tell you this: if we realise that the FBR cannot be fixed, we will create a new FBR,” he said.
Imran Khan said that the economy was facing challenging conditions and revenue generation was a must.

He also urged the nation to come into the tax net, adding that in return he would guarantee that their tax would not be misspent.

He assured the nation that each and every penny of Pakistanis’ tax collection will be spent with great caution, he said.
He said that the government will end all unnecessary expenses. He urged the business community to pursue people that it is impossible for any country to succeed without paying their taxes.

The prime minister said that it was shocking that only 72,000 taxpayers were declaring Rs200,000 or more monthly income out of 210 million people in Pakistan.

The prime minister assured the business community that his government will do all he can to facilitate them, indicating that “some more incentives are coming your way in the upcoming days”.