Import of mobile phones allowed Rs23.15 billion as tax concession

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) issued details of sales tax concessions to the tune of Rs23.15 billion granted on import mobile phones.

The FBR issued the cost of allowing reduced rate of sales tax on the import of cellular phones during fiscal year 2020.

FBR sources said that the beneficiaries of sales tax concessions were importer and general public.

Following table explains head wise cost of sales tax concession on import different type of mobile phones;

S. No.Value of mobile phonesSales tax concession
1Cellular mobile phones (not exceeding US$ 30)Rs2,424 million
2Cellular mobile phones (exceeding US$ 30 but not exceeding US$ 100)Rs 10,032 million
3Cellular mobile phones (exceeding US$ 100 but not exceeding US$ 200)Rs5,764 million
4Cellular mobile phones (exceeding US$ 200 but not exceeding US$ 350)Rs 1,239 million
5Cellular mobile phones (exceeding US$ 350 but not exceeding US$ 500)Rs 56 million
6Cellular mobile phones (Exceeding US$ 500)Rs 731 million
7Cellular mobile phones (PTA – DIRBS)Rs2,908 million

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