Industry rejects shutting down gas supply decision

Industry rejects shutting down gas supply decision

KARACHI: Trade and industry on Monday strongly rejected the government decision of discontinuing gas supply for export and manufacturing sectors.

The industry will face the ever severe situation in the wake of discontinuation of gas supply to captive power generation for general industry from February 01 and the export-oriented sectors from March 01, 2021 leaving severe impact on the economy and exports of Pakistan.

This was stated by Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo, President, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) addressing a Press Conference.

The President FPCCI also accompanied by President Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Shariq Vohra and other business leaders.

All the business leaders vehemently rejected the cabinet decision and appealed Prime Minister to revisit this decision in the best interest of the survival of industry and for enhancement of Pakistan’s export and creating employment in the country.

He further went on saying that industry is already confronted with many challenges particularly with respect to procurement of long term orders for the exports.

However, the Pakistan’s exports when witnessing a growth this decision has badly affected confidence of foreign buyers and asking for completion of their orders and it is apprehended the export orders are likely to shift elsewhere to the other competing countries.

He also quoted that Pakistan utility tariff is comparatively very high than the other regional countries.

He further said that transferring electricity from captive power to grid will take time and costly not feasible as the cost of electricity generated by our captive powers is lower than the cost involved in shifting to grid.

Most of the industries were running on natural gas using boilers and regeneration system so it was impossible to be converted on the grid and change the whole appliances within one month.

Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo stated that the decision of Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCOE) appears to have been taken on non-professional advice and without consultation of main stakeholders that is businessmen and apex bodies. He further said that this decision will not only harm the economy of Pakistan but will also damage our image with international buyers which seem a conspiracy against the progress made by Pakistan in the last two years by the present government.

While addressing the press conference, Shariq Vohra, President KCCI showed surprise on the decision and stated that they would not allowed K-electric sabotage Karachi’s progress and development and both representative from Karachi Chamber strongly emphasized that government should not take such decisions that create labor unrest due to closures of factories.

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