IR officers empowered to sell defaulters’ properties without attachment

KARACHI: Officers of Inland Revenue (IR) have been empowered to sell moveable or immovable properties of sales tax defaulters for recovery of arrears.

Section 48 of Sales Tax Act, 1990, which was updated up to June 30, 2019 by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) explained the powers of IR officers for recovery of arrears of tax.

Section 48: Recovery of arrears of tax

Where any amount of tax is due from any person, the officer of Inland Revenue may:-

(a) deduct the amount from any money owing to person from whom such amount is recoverable and which may be at the disposal or in the control of such officer or any officer of Income Tax, Customs or Central Excise Department;

(b) require by a notice in writing any person who holds or may subsequently hold any money for or on account of the person from whom tax may be recoverable to pay to such officer the amount specified in the notice;

(a) stop removal of any goods from the business premises of such person till such time the amount of tax is paid or recovered in full;

(ca) require by a notice in writing any person to stop clearance of imported goods or manufactured goods or attach bank accounts;

(b) seal the business premises till such time the amount of tax is paid or- recovered in full;

(c) attach and sell or sell without attachment any movable or immovable property of the registered person from whom tax is due; and


(f) recover such amount by attachment and sale of any moveable or- immovable property of the guarantor, person, company, bank or financial institution, where a guarantor or any other person, company, bank or financial institution fails to make payment under such guarantee, bond or instrument:

Provided that the Commissioner Inland Revenue or any officer of Inland Revenue shall not issue notice under this section or the rules made thereunder for recovery of any tax due from a taxpayer if the said taxpayer has filed an appeal under section 45B in respect of the order under which the tax sought to be recovered has become payable and the appeal has not been decided by the Commissioner (Appeals), subject to the condition that ten per cent of the amount of tax due has been paid by the taxpayer.

(1A) If any arrears of tax, default surcharge, penalty or any other amount which is adjudged or payable by any person and which cannot be recovered in the manner prescribed above, the Board or any officer authorized by the Board, may, write off the arrears in the manner as may be prescribed by the Board.

(2) For the purpose of recovery of tax, penalty or any other demand raised under this Act, the officer of Inland Revenue shall have the same powers which under the Code of Civil Procedure 1908 (V of 1908), a Civil Court has for the purpose of recovery of an amount due under a decree.

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