KCCI hopes new finance adviser to take steps minimizing taxpayers’ grievances

KARACHI: Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) on Monday felicitated Dr. Hafeez Shaikh on his appointment as adviser to prime minister on finance, revenue and economic affairs.
The KCCI hoped that the new adviser would take practical steps in minimizing grievances of genuine taxpayers.
Chairman Businessmen Group & Former President KCCI Siraj Kassam Teli and President KCCI Junaid Esmail Makda, while extending heartfelt felicitations to Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh on his appointment as Adviser to Prime Minister on Finance, said that keeping in view his vast experience and past performance, Dr. Hafeez Sheikh will certainly succeed in overcoming numerous crises being suffered by the country.
In a letter sent to PM’s Adviser, Siraj Teli and Junaid Makda warmly welcomed the appointment of Dr. Hafeez Sheikh as PM’s Adviser and said that that due to his expertise and well acquaintance with trade and economic issues, the business and industrial community of Karachi was fairly optimistic that Dr. Sheikh will be able to successfully devise effective strategies in order to completely get rid of all types of crises.
They stressed that as country was currently going through severe economic crises, therefore it was really essential that the business and industrial community should be taken on board in the policy making process.
They hoped that the newly appointed PM’s Adviser would also take practical steps to minimize the grievances being faced by loyal taxpayers who are suffering terribly due to serious loopholes in the existing taxation mechanism.
They stressed that the consultation strategy adopted by the PTI government with the business community of Karachi must continue and the contribution of more than 70 percent revenue to the national exchequer must always be taken into consideration.
“The business and industrial community of Karachi stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the government during this difficult time and we will continue to support the government in the larger interest of the country,” they added.
They also invited Dr. Hafeez Sheikh to visit the Karachi Chamber as soon as possible so that the business and industrial community could get an opportunity to share views about the Amnesty Scheme and also give valuable proposals for the forthcoming Federal Budget 2019-20, besides suggesting ways and means of how to improve the taxation system, enhance revenue generation and ensure ease of doing business which is one of the top most priority of the present government.
Siraj Teli and Junaid Makda also paid glowing tribute to Former Finance Minister Asad Umer for always realizing the ground realities, making necessary corrections and struggling really hard to somehow minimize the burden on the poor segment of society.
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