KTBA elects Rehan Jafri as President

KTBA elects Rehan Jafri as President

In a recently held Annual General Meeting, the Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) announced the results of its elections, with Syed Rehan Hasan Jafri being re-elected as the President for the year 2022.

This marks Rehan Jafri’s second consecutive term as the President of the KTBA.

The newly elected office bearers and members of the executive committee were unveiled during the meeting, highlighting a mix of experienced individuals and fresh faces in key positions within the tax bar. The successful KTBA office bearers for 2022 are as follows:

• President: Syed Rehan Hasan Jafri

• Vice President: Syed Zafar Ahmed

• General Secretary: Arshad Ali Siddiqui

• Joint Secretary: Imran Ahmed Khan

• Librarian: Irfan Ghafoor

Additionally, the executive committee for the term 2022 includes the following members:

• Basir Bilal Khalid

• Farhan Mohib

• Hameer Arshad Siraj

• Haris Tufail

• Muhammad Rehan Siddiqui

• Murtaza Qurban

• Razi Ahsan

• Shoukat Hussain Mirza

Syed Rehan Hasan Jafri’s re-election as the President speaks to the confidence and trust placed in his leadership within the KTBA. His previous term likely demonstrated effective governance and a commitment to the interests and objectives of the tax bar.

The KTBA plays a crucial role in advocating for the rights and concerns of tax professionals, fostering collaboration, and promoting excellence within the tax community. The elected office bearers and executive committee members are expected to contribute to the continued success and growth of the KTBA, ensuring it remains an influential voice in matters related to taxation in Karachi.

As President, Syed Rehan Hasan Jafri will likely lead the KTBA in its efforts to address emerging challenges, engage with stakeholders, and uphold professional standards within the tax fraternity. The diverse composition of the executive committee reflects a collective approach to decision-making and a representation of various perspectives within the tax bar.

The KTBA, under the leadership of President Rehan Jafri and the newly elected team, is well-positioned to navigate the evolving landscape of taxation, contribute to policy discussions, and provide valuable support to its members. The continuity of leadership also brings stability and the opportunity to build upon previous successes, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among tax professionals in Karachi.

With the election results now announced, the KTBA looks forward to a productive year ahead, collaborating with its members and stakeholders to address pertinent issues and contribute to the growth and development of the taxation sector in the region.