Mazda Titan Trucks to be assessed for customs values on MSRP

KARACHI: Pakistan Customs has said that Mazda Titan Trucks will be assessed and cleared on the values prescribed as per manufacturer’s suggested retail price or available valuation ruling.
In a circular, Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement – West informed that M/s. Ghandhara Industries Limited is only assembly of Isuzu Trucks and Buses in Pakistan and does not deal with Mazda Titan Trucks.
M/s. Ghandhara Industries Limited has also confirmed this by a letter dated October 04, 2018.
“Therefore, the import trade price proposed by Ghandhara Industries Limited is not considerable for Mazda Titan Trucks in terms of Customs General Order (CGO) No. 14/2005 for assessment purpose,” the collectorate said.
“Henceforth, the Mazda Titan Truck have to be assessed as per Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) or Valuation Ruling 1051/2017 dated February 21, 2017, as the case may be,” it added.

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