Campaign against tax defaulting vehicles to continue till January 15

Campaign against tax defaulting vehicles to continue till January 15

The Sindh Excise Department’s ongoing road checking campaign against defaulting vehicles is set to persist until January 15, 2019, in an effort to enforce tax compliance.

Sindh’s Minister for Excise and Taxation, Narcotics Control, and Parliamentary Affairs, Mukesh Kumar Chawla, has issued a stern warning to owners of tax defaulting vehicles, urging them to settle their overdue taxes to avoid potential disruptions on the roads.

Minister Chawla emphasized the need for vehicle owners to fulfill their tax obligations promptly to prevent any unwarranted inconveniences during the campaign. In a statement issued recently, he reassured taxpayers that the department was making efforts to facilitate the payment process by establishing additional counters at the Civic Centre in Karachi.

During a briefing, Director General of the Excise and Taxation Department, Shabbir Ahmed Shaikh, updated the Provincial Minister Chawla on the progress of the ongoing Road Checking Campaign. Shaikh informed Chawla that the campaign had conducted checks on approximately ten thousand vehicles across the province and was continuing with full momentum.

The Director General also expressed optimism regarding the department’s ability to meet its tax collection target through the campaign, highlighting its importance in ensuring that vehicle owners fulfill their financial responsibilities to the government.

Sindh’s road checking campaign is a critical initiative to ensure tax compliance and enhance revenue collection. By verifying tax payments from vehicle owners, the campaign aims to uphold the principles of fairness and equity in the taxation system.

The decision to extend the campaign until January 15, 2019, indicates the government’s commitment to enforcing tax regulations and enhancing compliance across the province. Additionally, the establishment of extra counters at the Civic Centre in Karachi underscores the administration’s dedication to streamlining the tax payment process and making it more accessible for taxpayers.

Vehicle owners who have been defaulting on their taxes are strongly encouraged to take this warning seriously and promptly settle their dues. Compliance with tax regulations not only contributes to the government’s revenue collection but also ensures that the tax burden is distributed equitably among all citizens.

As the Road Checking Campaign continues, the Sindh Excise Department is determined to achieve its tax collection targets, promoting a culture of responsible taxation among vehicle owners. By doing so, the department seeks to secure the necessary resources for public welfare and development projects while fostering a sense of civic duty among the people of Sindh.