MCC Gwadar announces auction of confiscated vehicle on December 24

MCC Gwadar announces auction of confiscated vehicle on December 24

KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate, Gwadar has announced auction of confiscated vehicle to be held on December 24, 2020 at Custom House, Gaddani.

Following vehicles to be presented for the auction:

01. Toyota Premio X Car, Reg: No AAK-046, Chassis No. ZZT240-0112894, Engine No. Nil, Model: 2006

02. Toyota Surf, Reg No. QBA-0162, Chassis No. KZN185-0043878, Engine No. 1KZ-TE2982, Model: 1997

03. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No. BC-0448, Chassis No. HJ61-002060, Engine No. Nil, Model: 1986,

04. Pajero,Reg No. JAA-030, Chassis No. 049WLJ400621, Engine No. Nil, Model: 1990

05. Hino Mazda Truck, Reg No. JW-1236, Chassis No. AK176KA-43256, Engine No. 12181, Model: 1992

06. Hino Bus, Reg No. BSB-808, Chassis No. AK1JRKA-16027, Engine JO8CB16832, Model:2012

07. Coach, Reg No. BSA-515, Chassis No. AK1JMKA-1415, Engine No. Nil, Model: Nil

08. Zamyad Pickup, Reg No. PAC-968, Chassis No. NAZPL-140DH-0486475, Engine No. Z21-2517487, Model: Nil

09. Toyota Land Cruiser (Red), Reg No. BA-8164, Chassis No. BJ160-009711, Engine No. Not Traceable, Model: 1985

10. Indus Corolla Car, Reg No. GF-1411, Chassis No. AE100-0028693, Engine No. Not Traceable, Model: 1994

11. Toyota Probox Car, Reg No. AAM-923, Chassis No. NCP51-0107883, Engine No. B15149, Model: 2005

12. Toyota Succeed, Reg No. AXY-531, Chassis No. NCP58-0031359, Model. Nil

13. Probox Car, Reg No: ABK-783, Chassis: NCP50-0021677, Model. 2003

14. Probox Car, Reg No: AVY-782, Chassis No. NCP51-0090826, Model. Nil

15. Corolla Car, Reg No: AAL-662, Chassis No.EE102-0094351, Model: 2002

16. Toyota Succeed car, Reg No. AAF-745, Chassis No. NCP58-0056515, Model :2004

17. Land Cruiser Prado, Reg No. Not Traceble, Chassis No. LJ78-0002499, Model. 1990

18. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No.BA-5186, Chassis No. HJ60-009651, Model. 1984

19. Toyota X Corolla, Reg No. Nil, Chassis No NZE124-3016977, Model: 2004

20. Probox Car, Reg No. AKL-244, Chassis No. NCP51-0001414, Model: 2002

21. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg: JAA-889, Chassis No. BJ-60-020679, Model: 1988

22. Mitsubishi Pajero, Reg: JAL-231, Chassis No. LO48G-3005856, Model: 1985

23. Land Cruiser, Reg: QAB-1649, Ch# HJ61-013994, Model:1989

24. Toyota Jeep Land Cruiser, Reg: AFR-2015, Ch: FJ40-371932, Model: 1989

25. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg: Nil, Ch:# LJ78-0039971, Eng:# ZL-33868, Model: 1993

26. Honda Civic Car, Reg: Nil, Ch:# ESI-1600827, Eng:#D1610173-004871, Model: 2002

27. BMW, Reg: Nil, Ch:# WBAGL62090DJ92594, Eng:#CC-300, Model: 2002

28. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg: Nil, Ch:# FZJ-800102056, Eng:#IFZFES4476, Model: 1996

29. Toyota Surf, Reg: Nil, Ch:# KZN130-9032504, Eng:#Not Traceable, Model: 1993

30. Hino Truck, Reg: No TKZ-343, Chassis No. FMIJNPD-18518, Engine No. Nil, Model: 2010

31. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No. LSA-3469, Chassis No.FJ55-88824, Engine No. Nil, Model: 1992

32. Hino Bus, Reg No. CH-14538, Chassis No. AK8JRKA-14538, Engine No. Nil, Model: 2016

33. Hino Bus, Reg No. BSA-554, Chassis No. AK1JRKA-11056, Engine No. Nil, Model: Nil

34. Hino Bus, Reg No. JB-3335, Chassis No. AK8JRKA-15635, Engine No., Model: 2012

35. Hino Bus, Reg No. BSA-327, Chassis No. AK17X-41808, Engine No., Model: 1992

36. Hino Bus, Reg No. BSA-571, Chassis No. AK-I-JRKA-16707, Engine No. Nil, Model: 2011

37. Hino Truck, Reg No. TUD-300, Chassis No. FMIJNPD-18051, Engine No. Nil, Model: 2009