MCC Gwadar announces auction of fresh lot of vehicles on June 16

MCC Gwadar announces auction of fresh lot of vehicles on June 16

KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Gwadar has announced auction of fresh lot of confiscated vehicles on June 16, 2020 to be held at Custom House, Gaddani.

According to terms and conditions, the auction shall be held strictly in accordance with the provision of the Customs Act, 1969 and rules made there under. All the interested parties/bidders shall abide by all the conditions ordained the relevant provisions of the Act and the Rules.

Successful bidder has to deposit 25 percent of the bid amount in shape of cash on the spot. Rest of the bid amount shall be deposited within 7 days of the display of the list of approved lots.

Further, successful bidder has to deposit 10 percent of bid amount as advance income tax separately.

Following vehicles will be presented for the auction on June 16, 2020.

01. Toyota Succeed, Reg. No, AXY-531, Chassis No. NCP58-0031359

02. Probox Car, Reg. No, ABK-783, Chassis No. NCP50-0021677

03. Probox Car, Reg. No, AVY-782, Chassis No. NCP51-0090826

04. Corolla Car, Reg. No, AAL-662, Model 2000, Chassis No. EEI02-0094351

05. Toyota Succeed car, Reg. No, AAF-754, Chassis No. NCP58-0056515, Model 2004

06. Land Cruiser Prado, Reg. No, Not Traceable, Chassis No. LJ78-0002499

07. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg. No, BA-5186, Chassis No. HJ60-009651, Model 1984

08. Toyota Corolla Car, Reg. No, AFY-270, Chassis No. NZE120-6009594, Model 2004

09. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg. No, QBA-3037, Chassis No. FZ180-016013

10. Toyota X Corolla, Chassis No. NZE124-3016997

11. Probox Car, Reg. No, AKL-224, Chassis No. NCP51-0001414

12. BMW Car, Model 2002, Reg. No, #ANG-032, Chassis No. WBAGL42020DD-78677, Engine No. WB96L614161, Capacity 4320cc

13. Toyota Land Cruiser, Model 1988, Reg. No, JAA-889, Chassis No. BJ-60-020679, Capacity 3400

14. Toyota Land Cruiser, Model 1991, Reg. No, JAE-140, Chassis No. HZJ-770002489, Capacity 4500

15. Toyota Land Cruiser, Model 1985, Reg. No, BA-4463, Chassis No. BJ-61-003506, Capacity 2446

16. Mitsubishi Pajero, Model 1985, Reg. No, JAL-231, Chassis No, LO48G-3005856, Capacity 2446

17. Land Cruiser, Model 1989, Reg. No, QAB-1649, Chassis No. HJ61-013994, Capacity 3400

18. Toyota Hilux Surf SSR-X, Model 2000, Reg. No, JAF-845, Chassis No. RZN185-9036661, Engine No. 3RZ-FE2386704, Capacity 2693cc

19. Toyota Jeep Land Cruiser, Model 1989, Reg. No, AFR-2015, Chassis No. SJ40-371932, Capacity 3400

20. Toyota X Corolla Car, Model 2007, Chassis No. NZE121-0009339, Eng. No, KCE-1297, Capacity 1492cc

21. Toyota X Corolla Car, Model 2005, Chassis No. NZE120-3008546, Engine. No, 2018158, Capacity 1492

22. Toyota Mark-X, Model 2007, Chassis No. GRX121-3001923, Eng. No, 3GR-0198589, Capacity 2994cc

23. Toyota Land Cruiser, Model 1993, Chassis No. LJ78-0039971, Eng. No, ZL-33868, Capacity 2000cc

24. Honda Civic Car, Model 2002, Chassis No. ESI-1600827, Engine. No, D1610173-004871, Capacity 1800cc

25. BMW, Model 2002, Chassis No. WBAGL62090DJ92594, Engine. No, CC-300, Capacity 4476

26. Toyota Prado, Model 2000, Chassis No. VZJ90-0004977, Engine. No, SVM-L041167, Capacity 3400

27. Toyota Land Cruiser, Model 1996, Chassis No. FZJ-800102056, Engine. No, IFZFES4476, Capacity 4500

28. Toyota Surf, Model 1993, Chassis No. KZN130-9032504, Engine. No, Not Traceable, Capacity 2446