MG to Unveil Next-Generation HS SUV on July 11

MG to Unveil Next-Generation HS SUV on July 11

MG is gearing up to unveil the next generation of its popular HS SUV at the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed on July 11th, 2024.

This highly anticipated global debut marks a significant milestone for MG, as the current HS model has been instrumental in propelling the brand to new heights of international success.

A Sneak Peek at Sophistication and Space

While MG has kept the finer details under wraps for now, they’ve released a captivating teaser that offers a glimpse into the all-new HS’s design philosophy.

The focus on a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic promises a visually stunning SUV that will turn heads on the road.  More importantly, the emphasis on enhanced space suggests a more accommodating interior, perfect for families or those who value a spacious and comfortable driving experience.

Additionally, the inclusion of driver-centric technology hints at an interior that prioritizes both comfort and control behind the wheel.

Powertrain Options to Match Every Driver’s Needs

Understanding the diverse preferences of today’s drivers, MG will offer the all-new HS with a choice of two powertrains: a traditional petrol engine and a cutting-edge plug-in hybrid (PHEV) option.

The PHEV variant, in particular, is expected to be a game-changer, boasting a best-in-class electric driving range. This makes it an ideal choice for eco-conscious drivers who seek a balance between performance and environmental responsibility. Whether you prioritize efficiency or pure driving power, the all-new MG HS has an option to suit your needs.

A Grand Unveiling at the Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed, held annually in the UK, is a renowned automotive event that attracts car enthusiasts from across the globe.

With its focus on speed, innovation, and the latest automotive advancements, the festival serves as the perfect platform for MG to showcase the capabilities of the all-new HS.

This prestigious setting will allow MG to generate significant buzz and excitement for the upcoming launch of their next-generation SUV.

A New Chapter for MG

The unveiling of the all-new HS at the Goodwood Festival of Speed signifies a new chapter for MG. This SUV promises to be a compelling combination of style, space, innovative technology, and diverse powertrain options.

With its global debut set for July 11th, 2024, the wait is almost over. The automotive world eagerly awaits to see how the all-new MG HS redefines the SUV experience.