Motor vehicle tax rates for year 2021-2022

Motor vehicle tax rates for year 2021-2022

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued tax rates on motor vehicles for year 2021/2022. The authorities collect motor vehicle tax under Section 234 of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

Under this section any person at the time of collecting motor vehicle tax shall also collect advance tax at the rates specified in Division III of Part IV of the First Schedule.

Rates of collection of tax under section 234,—

(1) In case of goods transport vehicles, tax of two rupees and fifty paisa per kilogram of the laden weight shall be charged .

(1A) In the case of goods transport vehicles with laden weight of 8120 kilograms or more, advance tax after a period of ten years from the date of first registration of vehicle in Pakistan shall be collected at the rate of twelve hundred rupees per annum;

(2) In the case of passenger transport vehicles plying for hire with registered seating capacity of—

S.No.CapacityRs per seat per annum
(i)Four or more persons but less than ten persons.50
(ii)Ten or more persons but less than twenty persons.100
(iii)Twenty persons or more.300

(3) In case of other private motor vehicles shall be as set out in the following Table, namely:-

S. No.Engine capacityTax
1.upto 1000ccRs. 800
2.1001cc to 1199ccRs. 1,500
3.1200cc to 1299ccRs. 1,750
4.1300cc to 1499ccRs. 2,500
5.1500cc to 1599ccRs. 3,750
6.1600cc to 1999ccRs. 4,500
7.2000cc & aboveRs. 10,000

(4) where the motor vehicle tax is collected in lump sum,

S. No.Engine capacityTax
1.upto 1000ccRs. 10,000
2.1001cc to 1199ccRs. 18,000
3.1200cc to 1299ccRs. 20,000
4.1300cc to 1499ccRs. 30,000
5.1500cc to 1599ccRs. 45,000
6.1600cc to 1999ccRs. 60,000
7.2000cc & aboveRs. 120,000

The rate of tax shall be increased by 100 per cent in case person is not on the Active Taxpayers List (ATL).

(The rates are given as per Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 updated up to June 30, 2021. Team is endeavored to provide correct data. However, the team shall not responsible for any omission.)

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