Motorola introduces motorola edge 40 Business Edition

Motorola introduces motorola edge 40 Business Edition

Motorola has unveiled the motorola edge 40 business edition, a new addition to its enterprise portfolio.

This sleek smartphone combines an appealing design with robust security features, making it ideal for small, medium, and large corporations. With a focus on business-grade security and seamless protection, the motorola edge 40 business edition offers a comprehensive suite of services and solutions backed by ThinkShield, ensuring that enterprises have the necessary tools to keep their devices and data secure.

The motorola edge 40 business edition comes with an end-to-end portfolio of services and solutions, supported by ThinkShield. ThinkShield is a comprehensive security platform that prioritizes protection at every level, from the factory to the phone. It encompasses fundamental security policies, specialized hardware, software, and processes that aim to secure the entire device. Additionally, the device guarantees four years of security updates, ensuring it remains up to date and protected against emerging threats.

Motorola has introduced Real-time Kernel Protection (RKP), the latest and most advanced security feature in the ThinkShield lineup. RKP offers enhanced device protection against threats and exploits targeted at business customers. By going beyond the existing kernel self-protections provided by Android, RKP provides one of the highest levels of security available. What sets RKP apart is that it is activated out of the box, requiring no additional configuration.

RKP adds privileged locks to critical system resources, safeguarding against code attempting to exploit the kernel and critical system components, including malicious device drivers. The protection is extended beyond the kernel through an isolated, secured hypervisor framework that envelops the Android OS. This framework blocks additional routes that could compromise the kernel, ensuring that even if the kernel is compromised, attackers are still unable to access critical system components. With RKP, the motorola edge 40 business edition offers one of the highest levels of protection for businesses and their devices.

Motorola complements the motorola edge 40 business edition with a comprehensive suite of services and solutions tailored for enterprises. These include:

Moto Threat Defense: Built-in advanced hardware-based and premium A.I. based security solutions protect against phishing, malware, and network attacks.

Moto Device Manager: Allows companies to manage their corporate devices, defining boundaries and controlling access to corporate smartphones.

Moto Safe: Enables quick locking of Motorola devices in case of loss, theft, or potential risk.

Moto Talk: Enhances communication and productivity for businesses with field teams.

Moto Carbon Offset: Offers customers a simple carbon offset option, partnering with certified providers to help offset CO2 emissions linked to the phone’s lifecycle.

Premier Support: Provides exclusive 24-hour support to customers.

Moto OEM Config: A mobile device management plug-in that adds additional security features for business customers, protecting against online and identity-based threats.

Equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 8020 chipset, the motorola edge 40 business edition ensures seamless connections to fast 5G and Wi-Fi networks. With faster CPU and GPU speeds and improved power efficiency, this smartphone can handle high-resolution videos and smooth gaming experiences. It boasts 8GB of RAM for smooth performance, 256GB of storage, and compatibility with Ready For wireless connection and PC integration. These features enable seamless device integration between smartphones and PCs, enhancing productivity for business end-users.

The motorola edge 40 business edition features a 6.55″ pOLED borderless curved glass display, offering an immersive visual experience. With a curved vegan leather backing option and IP68 protection against accidental water exposure, this device combines elegance with durability. The smartphone’s 50MP camera system captures stunning images, and its fast-charging capabilities can provide a day’s worth of power in just 10 minutes, supported by a long-lasting 4400mAh battery. With 5G connectivity, the motorola edge 40 business edition keeps up with the demands of busy routines.

The motorola edge 40 business edition stands out as a reliable and secure smartphone option for enterprises. With its sleek design, advanced security features, and comprehensive suite of services and solutions, Motorola provides businesses with the necessary tools to protect their devices, data, and employees. The motorola edge 40 business edition ensures seamless connectivity, impressive performance, and enhanced productivity, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

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