OnePlus Rolls Out Android 15 Beta 2 for OnePlus 12 and Open

OnePlus Rolls Out Android 15 Beta 2 for OnePlus 12 and Open

Google and various OEMs are ramping up their efforts. Among them, OnePlus has taken a proactive approach, announcing the immediate availability of Android 15 Beta 2 for the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Open.

This early release is primarily targeted at developers and advanced users, with OnePlus providing detailed installation instructions via their official Source. The company strongly advises against installing this beta version for those with minimal software development experience or for those who rely on their devices for everyday use. This caution is due to the nature of beta software, which can be unstable and unsuitable for daily activities.

The Android 15 Beta 2 brings notable improvements over its predecessor. Users can expect enhanced overall system stability and performance, addressing several key issues identified in the initial beta release. Specifically, this new build includes fixes for problems related to split-screen functionality, Bluetooth compatibility, personal hotspot, camera operations, and various third-party apps. These updates aim to provide a smoother experience for those testing the new software.

Despite these advancements, OnePlus has also highlighted several known issues that persist in this beta version. These unresolved problems are detailed in the company’s official Source, reinforcing the advisory that this build is not yet ready for general public use. The release remains a work in progress, intended for those who are prepared to navigate and report bugs to aid in the development process.

The proactive approach by OnePlus in rolling out these beta versions demonstrates the company’s commitment to ensuring a polished final product. Continuous updates and bug fixes are crucial steps in the development cycle, and OnePlus’s efforts suggest that the final release of Android 15 may be on the horizon shortly after Google’s official launch later this year.

For those eager to stay at the forefront of Android development, this beta release offers a glimpse into the future of the operating system. However, the average user is advised to wait for the stable release to avoid the inconveniences that come with beta testing.