Pakistan car sales drop 59% in July 2022

Pakistan car sales drop 59% in July 2022

KARACHI: The total sales of car in Pakistan have dropped by 59 per cent Month on Month (MoM) in July 2022.

The sales are also included non-members of Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA).

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Analysts at Topline Securities on Friday said Pakistan car sales (including sales of Non-PAMA members) clocked in at around 14,000 units down 59 per cent MoM primarily due to production issues, higher car prices resulting low purchasing power of consumers, and less working days due to Eid ul Adha holidays in Jul-2022.

The car sales is also down by 52 per cent Year on Year (YoY).

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Indus Motors (INDU) posted decline of 62 per cent MoM to 2,375 units primarily due to non-production days in the month of July 2022. Similarly, Hyundai sales was down by 89 per cent MoM to 201 units from 1,871 units in June 2022.

Pak Suzuki Motors Company (PSMC) sales was down 58 per cent MoM in July 2022. All variant of company reported decline in the range of 57-95 per cent on MoM basis except for Alto where sales increased to 4,618 units from 1,216 units in June 2022, largely due to low base effect.

Honda Atlas Car (HCAR) also recorded decline of 35 per cent MoM to 2,537 units in July 2022 led by decline in sales of City & Civic by 30 per cent MoM.

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Amongst Tractors, Millat Tractors (MTL) recorded decline of 60 per cent MoM and 65 per cent YoY to 1,011 units . Al Ghazi Tractors (AGTL) recorded sales of 1,243 units, down 48 per cent MoM and 12 per cent YoY.

Pakistan bike sales were down by 33 per cent MoM and 34 per cent YoY in July 2022. Atlas Honda (ATLH) recorded sales of around 80,000 units down 28 per cent MoM and 20 per cent YoY.

Trucks & Buses sales were down 22 per cent MoM and 37 per cent YoY to 379 units in July 2022 primarily due to drop in transportation activities amid slowdown in overall economy.

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