PMIC initiates action against 50 individuals, entities

PMIC initiates action against 50 individuals, entities

ISLAMABAD: Inspection Commission constituted by Prime Minister Imran Khan, in its first phase initiated proceedings against 50 individuals and entities nominated in the Pandora Papers.

The proceeding is likely to expand in due course, said a press release on Thursday.

The process will be concluded strictly in accordance with law and whenever necessary, enforcement powers would be invoked directly or through concerned law enforcement agencies.

The Prime Minister Inspection Commission (PMIC) has commenced its proceedings regarding the Pandora Papers, the process for collection of information and data is underway.

Since initial disclosure regarding offshore companies and trusts were made by ICIJ and its partner journalists, information and assistance is being sought from the said sources.

The purpose of ongoing proceedings is to identify cases which may potentially involve any breach of law especially by present or past holders of public office.

The task also includes referral of cases to the relevant authorities for necessary action from tax evasion or money laundering aspects.

In order to maintain objectivity and fairness, the opportunity of representation in person or through written communication would be provided to the individuals who on the basis of available data are required to clarify their offshore ventures.

PMIC would welcome information from the public and encourage whistle-blowers to come forward for disclosure in the interest of transparency.