PTA issues billing advisory for telecom consumers

PTA issues billing advisory for telecom consumers

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued advisory for telecom consumers to avoid billing shocks while subscribing broadband internet packages.

The PTA on Sunday said that following options may be considered/exercised to avoid billing issues and avail mobile broadband services at affordable rates/prices:

— Standard / baseline mobile data (default) rates are generally costly/expensive, therefore, consumers are encouraged to opt/subscribe for daily, weekly or monthly mobile data bundles/packages/offers as they are more affordable / cheaper and provides good value for money.

— Consumers who do not wish to use mobile internet may change their mobile handset internet settings as follows:

> click on settings

> Select network/ SIM cards / internet / mobile data

> Select SIM card/Mobile Data options

> Select preferred network type / voice and data

> select 2G or 3G

— To void ‘bill shocks’, data connection may be switched off while not in use.

— Before subscribing any mobile broadband data package / offer/ bundle, “terms and conditions” should be read carefully. Subscription of new or additional bundle may result in removal of existing bundles’ free incentives and resource such as SMS, minutes and data.

— After activation of any specific offer or package through mobile application, consumers are advised to use the same after receipt of confirmation SMS from operator.

— In case any complaint related to auto subscription of offer, package or bundle, overcharging, billing related issue, helpline and quality of service etc. consumers can contact concerned operator first. In case of no response from concerned operator, the issue may be escalated to the PTA.

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