Sales Tax Act, 1990 updated till June 30, 2021

Sales Tax Act, 1990 updated till June 30, 2021

Following is the complete sections of the Sales Tax Act, 1990 updated up to June 30, 2001 after incorporating changes brought through Finance Act, 2001.

Section 2: Definitions of Sales Tax Act, 1990

Section 3: Chargeability of sales tax at 17% on supply of goods

Section 3B: Overcharging of tax to be deposited in national kitty

Section 4: Zero rated tax under sales tax law

Section 5: Applicable tax rates to be charged under sales tax law

Section 6: Sales Tax Law explains time of payment

Section 7: Determination of tax liability for supplies

Section 7A: Levy and collection of tax on goods

Section 8: Tax credit on certain supplies not allowed

Section 8A: Joint, several liability in tax default

Section 8B: Provision for input tax adjustment

Section 9: Issuance of debit, credit notes on tax adjustment

Section 10: Refund of input

Section 11: Assessment and recovery of tax not levied

Section 11A: Short paid amounts recoverable without notice

Section 11B; Assessment giving effect to an order

Section 11C: Powers of tax authorities to modify orders

Section 13: Sales Tax exemption

Section 14: Sales Tax registration for making supplies

Section 21: De-registration under Sales Tax Act

Section 21A: FBR’s power to issue sales tax Active Taxpayers List

Section 22: Record keeping under sales tax act

Section 23: Issuing tax invoice must for supplier

Section 24: Taxpayers require to retain record of past six years

Section 25: Commissioner empowered to access sales record

Section 25A: IR officer authorized to obtain sample for sales tax

Section 25AA: IR officers may determine fair price in transactions

Section 26: Filing sales tax returns mandatory for registered persons

Section 27, 28 and 29: Filing of special, final returns under Sales Tax Act

Section 30: Appointment of FBR officers for exercising sales tax law

Section 30A: Intelligence officers empowered to exercise sales tax law

Section 30B, 30C, 30D, 30DD, 30DDD: Formation of Directorates under Sales Tax Act

Section 30E: Powers and functions of directorates

Section 31 and 32: Powers, delegation of powers by Inland Revenue officials

Section 32A: FBR authorized to appoint special panels for tax audit

Section 33: Penalty for failure in filing sales tax return

Section 33(2): Penalty for non issuance of sales tax invoice

Section 33(3): Penalty for issuing unauthorized sales tax invoice

Section 33(4): Penalty for failure to notify changes in registration details

Section 33(5): Three-year jail for defaulting sales tax payment

Section 33(6): Penalty for repeated miscalculation in sales tax return

Section 33(7): Imprisonment for selling goods without tax registration

Section 33(8): Penalty for failure to maintain sales tax record

Section 33(9): Up to Rs50,000 penalty for obstructing access to records

Section 33(10): Taxpayers to pay penalty on failure to provide information

section 33(11): Three-year jail for making false statement under tax law

Section 33(12): Imprisonment of 5yrs for denying access to FBR officials

Section 33(13): Imprisonment of five years for fraud under sales tax

Section 33(14): Penalty for violating embargo placed on goods removal

Section 33(15-21): Penalties under Section 33 (15-21) of Sales Tax Act

Section 33(22): Imprisonment for unauthorized access to tax system

Section 33(23): Penalty for selling cigarettes with counterfeit tax stamps

Section 33(24-25): Imprisonment for retailers on tax integration failure

Section 33(26): Penalty on failure to print retail price

Section 33(27): Penalty for bringing goods illegally into Pakistan

Section 33(28): Penalty for denying information sharing

Section 33A: Tax officials may face criminal proceedings under ST Act

Section 34: Default surcharge for failure in timely tax payment

Section 34A: Exemption from penalty and default surcharge

Section 37: Power to order persons to give evidence and produce documents

Section 37A: Commissioner having power to arrest and prosecute

Section 37B: Procedure for IR officers on arrest of person

Section 37C: Special judges may be appointed under Sales Tax Act

Section 37D: Cognizance of offences by special judges

Section 37E: Special Judge to have exclusive jurisdiction

Section 37F: Provisions of code of Criminal Procedure 1898, to apply

Section 37G and 37H: Sales tax cases may be transferred from special court

Section 37I: Tax authorities may appeal against special court order

Section 38: Tax officials authorized to access taxpayers’ premises

Section 38A: IR officials empowered to call for record

Section 38B: Taxpayers require to produce sales records to IR office

Section 40: IR officers empowered for searches under warrant

Section 40B: Deploying IR officers at taxpayers’ premises

Section 40C: IR officers empowered electronic monitoring of taxpayers

Section 40D: Supply of goods from tax exempt areas

Section 40E: Manufacturers require to obtain brand license

Section 45A: Power of the Board and Commissioner to call for records

Section 45B: Filing appeal under Sales Tax Act

Section 46: Filing appeal before Appellate Tribunal IR

Section 47: Making reference against ATIR decision

Section 47A; How to get relief through alternative dispute resolution

Section 48: Recovery of arrears under sales tax law

Section 49: Ownership transfer or termination of taxable activity

section 49A; Commissioner’s power to notify liquidator of company

Section 50: FBR’s powers to make sales tax rules

 Section 50A: FBR may prescribe rules for using computerized system

 Section 50B: FBR may implement electronic scrutiny, intimation

Section 51: No bar or suit against order passed in good faith

 Section 52: Appearance of authorized representative

Section 52A: Persons may be appointed for filing e-return

Section 53: Recovery of tax from estate of deceased person

Section 55: FBR may issue instructions under Sales Tax Act

Section 56: Service of notices, orders under sales tax act

Section 56A: Agreement for the exchange of information

Section 56AB: Real-time access to information and databases

Section 56B: Information exchange under STA should be confidential

Section 56C: Prize scheme on invoices issued by retailers

Section 57: Rectification of mistake in order made by IR officer

Section 58: Tax liability of winding company

Section 58A: Taxpayers allowed to nominate representatives

Section 58B: Liability and obligations of representatives

Section 59: Tax paid on stocks acquired before registration

Section 60: Powers to deliver certain goods without payment of tax

Section 61: Repayment of tax in certain cases

Section 61A: Repayment of tax to registered persons

Section 62: Drawback allowable on re-export

Section 63: Drawback into use between import and re-export

Section 64: FBR may prohibit drawback in case of foreign territory

Section 65: Exemption of tax not or short levied

Section 66: Refund to be claimed within one year

Section 67: FBR to pay additional amount on delayed sales tax refund

Section 67A: Provision to pay sales tax refunds through bonds

Section 68: Liability of the registered person for the acts of his agent

Section 69: Taxpayers can obtain duplicate sales tax documents

Section 70: Computation of limitation period

Section 71: FBR may issue special procedure under sales tax law

Section 72: Obeying FBR’s orders made mandatory

Section 72A: Section 72A of Sales Tax Act

Section 72B: FBR’s computerized selection for audit

Section 72C and 72D: Reward to IR officials, whistleblowers on tax detection

Section 73: Cash transactions above Rs50,000 not admissible

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