Samsung Unveils New Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch7, Watch Ultra

Samsung Unveils New Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch7, Watch Ultra

Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of the Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch7, and Galaxy Watch Ultra, bringing advanced Galaxy AI capabilities to more users through innovative wearable technology designed to offer comprehensive wellness experiences.

These new additions to Samsung’s wearables lineup are central to the company’s vision of enhancing digital health. By delivering personalized insights and tailored health experiences, these devices enable a holistic approach to everyday wellness.

Samsung’s advanced sensor technology in the Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch7, and Galaxy Watch Ultra is key to this vision, providing accurate and detailed personal health information.

Galaxy Ring: Simplified Wellness Monitoring

The Galaxy Ring offers a straightforward approach to health, featuring continuous monitoring and personalized insights while being comfortable enough to wear even during sleep. With a lightweight design (2.3 to 3.0 grams) and a stylish concave form, the ring ensures durability with 10ATM water resistance and a Titanium Grade 5 finish.

The Galaxy Ring provides up to seven days of battery life and includes a charging case with aesthetic LED indicators. Available in Titanium Black, Titanium Silver, and Titanium Gold, users can choose from nine sizes for the perfect fit.

Key Features:

24/7 Health Monitoring: Continuous support and real-time data integration with Samsung Health without a subscription.

Sleep Analysis: Best-in-class sleep metrics, including movement, heart rate, and respiratory rate.

Energy Score: Galaxy AI evaluates physical and mental conditions to provide personalized health recommendations.

Heart Rate Alert: Instant notifications for unusual heart rates via the Samsung Health app.

Auto Workout Detection: Automatic tracking for walking, running, and daily fitness reminders.

Galaxy Watch7: Comprehensive Health Insights

The Galaxy Watch7 is designed to help users gain a holistic understanding of their health. It offers advanced tracking for over 100 workouts, personalized fitness routines, and real-time performance comparisons. With enhanced sleep analysis, including the FDA-authorized Sleep Apnea feature, users can monitor and improve their sleep quality.

Key Features:

Advanced Heart Monitoring: Real-time alerts for abnormal heart rates and irregular rhythms, ECG, and blood pressure monitoring.

BioActive Sensor: Increased accuracy for comprehensive health readings.

Dual-frequency GPS: Precise location tracking in urban environments.

Customization: New watch bands, including ripple shapes and colorful stitch details, and a variety of watch faces.

Galaxy Watch Ultra: Next-Level Fitness Achievements

The Galaxy Watch Ultra builds on the features of the Galaxy Watch7, offering extreme durability with a Titanium Grade 4 frame and 10ATM water resistance. It supports a wide range of altitudes and includes a Multi-sports tile for triathlon tracking and AI-powered FTP metrics for cycling. The watch also features an Emergency Siren and dedicated watch faces for optimal readability in various conditions.

Key Features:

Advanced Fitness Tracking: Personalized HR Zone, quick button for instant workout initiation, and longest battery life in the Galaxy Watch lineup.

Extreme Durability: Operates in various altitudes and offers high visibility in bright sunlight with a peak brightness of 3,000 nits.


The Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch7, and Galaxy Watch Ultra will be available for pre-order in select markets starting July 10, with general availability beginning July 24.


Samsung’s latest wearables integrate advanced technology and innovative design, empowering users to take control of their health and wellness. With personalized insights and real-time data, the Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch7, and Galaxy Watch Ultra are set to revolutionize the way users approach their everyday health.