Shabbar Zaidi urged to continue as FBR chairman

Shabbar Zaidi urged to continue as FBR chairman

KARACHI: A tax bar has urged Shabbar Zaidi to continue as chairman of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for betterment of Pakistan’s tax system.

“Truly speaking there are hundreds of other growth signals which should not be disregarded but to convey my message as well as discharging my basic responsibility precisely, I just need to request you that our country needs a sincere and bright person like you to continue striving hard for betterment and a sustainable tax system for growth of the economy,” said Ahmed Nasir KK, Advocate and President of Mirpur Khas Tax Bar Association (MTBA).

The tax bar said that with due respect on behalf of my bar members and common taxpayers being represented through Learned Advocates, Tax Consultants including myself, I would like to convey you the true and lasting desire and hope of the business as well legal fraternity, that whatever the circumstances may be, this tax system needs complete reformation as well as a True, Wise, Eligible and sincere Leadership like your kind honor.

It said that under the chairmanship of FBR, Shabbar Zaidi has achieved unprecedented targets, including significant growth in number of fillers, and revenue collection.

Moreover, the tax bar said that the number of taxpayers had been increased just due to sincere efforts of Shabbar Zaidi.

Previously lasting corrupt practices inside FBR like frequent bank account attachments without merit, which badly affected and almost ruined the confidence of business community as well the thoughts and trust of new possible filers were put to an end by your good self.

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