SPI inflation rises by 11.28 percent YoY basis


ISLAMABAD: The inflation based on sensitive price indicator (SPI) has increased by 11.28 percent Year on Year by week ended October 08, 2020, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) said on Friday.

The PBS computes SPI on weekly basis to assess the price movements of essential commodities at shorter interval of time so as to review the price situation in the country.

The SPI comprises of 51 essential items and the prices are being collected from 50 markets in 17 cities of the country.

The SPI for the week under review over corresponding week October 10, 2019 has shown 11.28 percent increase

The YoY increase in prices of essential items is as: tomatoes 117 percent; chilies powder 86.31 percent, potatoes 64.75 percent, pulse moong 41.13 percent, eggs 40.82 percent, pulse mash 34.66 percent, sugar 32.08 percent, pulse masoor 25.72 percent, bread plain 19.41 percent, gur (raw sugar) 19.34 percent, wheat flour bag 18.32 percent, vegetable ghee 1kg pouch 17.43 percent, mustart oil 16.32 percent.

The YoY price increase of non-food items is: sufi washing soap 250 grams 17.49 percent match box 17.07 percent.

The items which registered decline in price YoY basis are: garlic 9.91 percent, onions 1.50 percent, hi-speed diesel 18.03 percent, LPG 11.67kg cylinder 13.53 percent, petrol super 8.11 percent.

The SPI has been increased by 1.24 percent by week ended October 08, 2020 over previous week October 01, 2020.

The prices of following items increased on WoW basis: tomatoes 16.39 percent, onions 12.78 percent, eggs 10.78 percent, chicken 5.34 percent, wheat flour bag 2.78 percent, potatoes 2.64 percent, pulse masoor 1.21 percent, sugar 1.03 percent.

Prices of essential items that registered decline on WoW basis are: Bananas 2.17 percent, pulse moong 0.4 percent, pulse mash 0.13 percent, gur (raw sugar) 0.04 percent.

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