SRB tribunal suspends hearing till April 14

SRB tribunal suspends hearing till April 14

KARACHI: Appellate Tribunal, Sindh Revenue Board, has announced that hearing in sales tax matters within provincial jurisdictions will remain suspended up to April 14, 2020.

The chairman of appellate tribunal SRB issued directives on Thursday in the wake of extension in lockdown by the Sindh government to prevent recent outbreak of COVID-19 and its further eruption.

The circular said that the regular work of the tribunal such as hearing of appeals would remain suspended for further seven days with effect from April 08 to April 14.

It said that the appeals will be received daily during days from 9:00AM to 02:00PM. However, the chairman/technical member of the tribunal would be available in the office for attending urgent work from 10:00AM to 02:00PM.

It further said that the appeals would be taken up during the suspended period on the basis of urgent application which would be enclosed with affidavit disclosing the reason for urgency.