TikTok blocked in Pakistan due to immoral content

TikTok blocked in Pakistan due to immoral content

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Wednesday blocked TikTok. It blocked the services of social media application due to failure to prevent immoral content.

PTA blocked the services in the light of relevant provisions of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016. The regulator blocked access to TikTok App and website in the country.

PTA has take the action due to continuous presence of inappropriate content on the platform. It said the platform also failed to take such content down.

PTA on September 24, 2020 asked administration of TikTok platform to block/remove immoral and vulgar content for viewership in Pakistan.

The telecom authority had asked TikTok platform to immediately block vulgar, inducement, immoral, nude content for viewership in Pakistan.

It had asked the TikTok in view the negative effects of indecent/immoral/nude content available on the platform.

The regulator also asked the platform to put in place an effective content monitoring and moderation mechanism. The PTA asked in order to proactively remove indecent/ immoral content.

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