TikTok to Launch AI Chatbot “Genie” for Western Users

TikTok to Launch AI Chatbot “Genie” for Western Users

TikTok is preparing to introduce its AI chatbot, “Genie,” to Western audiences, according to a recent filing in the United States.

TikTok has applied to trademark “Genie” for a chatbot that will allow users to ask questions and receive immediate responses in-stream, among other capabilities.

“In May, the viral video app filed to trademark the name ‘Genie’ for an AI chatbot software that will, among other functions, simulate conversations, facilitate interaction and communication between humans and AI, and produce human-like speech and text,” Semafor stated.

This strategic move is aimed at transforming TikTok into a central hub for AI functionalities, connecting users with various elements of the app. TikTok has been working on its AI chatbot for a while, with the “Tako” chatbot tool being accessible to users in the Philippines last year. However, Tako mainly directs users to other videos within the app instead of answering complex queries.

The upcoming chatbot promises to be more sophisticated, integrating several AI features into one stream. This includes TikTok’s generative AI search function, currently available in Douyin, the Chinese version of the app, which enhances discovery both within and outside the app.

TikTok’s enhanced chatbot is expected to incorporate this expanded search functionality and other evolving AI features, such as creating virtual humans that can live-stream within the app.

Another potential feature, is TikTok’s “StreamVoice” system, which can simulate a person’s voice from just a few utterances. Additionally, TikTok is developing AI music generation processes and text-to-video creation tools, which could also be integrated into the new chatbot.

While Meta has already launched its AI chatbot across all its apps, TikTok seems to be concentrating on functional discovery, making it easier for users to access its various tools rather than just generating text summaries. This approach could provide more practical value for TikTok users, enhancing their overall experience on the platform.

The introduction of “Genie” marks a significant step in TikTok’s AI evolution, potentially positioning the platform as a leader in integrating advanced AI functionalities into social media. As AI continues to evolve, TikTok’s proactive development of innovative tools like “Genie” could significantly influence how users interact with the app and its content.