Toyota Recalls Grand Highlander, Lexus TX for Airbag Issues

Toyota Recalls Grand Highlander, Lexus TX for Airbag Issues

Toyota has issued a voluntary recall affecting around 145,000 units of its 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander and Lexus TX mid-size SUVs across the United States.

The recall has been prompted by concerns related to potential issues with the deployment of the curtain shield airbags during a crash.

Specifically, Toyota has identified a problem with the curtain shield airbags on the driver’s side of these vehicles. The issue may arise if the driver’s window is rolled down during a collision, potentially leading to improper deployment of the airbag. This situation could increase the risk of injury to occupants in certain accident scenarios.

Toyota has taken proactive steps to address the issue swiftly. The company is currently in the process of developing a solution to rectify the airbag problem. Owners of affected vehicles can expect to be notified by Toyota starting in mid-August about the recall process and necessary steps to resolve the issue.

It’s important to note that the recall specifically applies to the 2024 models of the Toyota Grand Highlander and Lexus TX, which are the latest iterations in their respective SUV lines.

This action underscores Toyota’s commitment to maintaining high safety standards and ensuring the well-being of its customers.

This recall announcement is part of Toyota’s ongoing efforts to uphold stringent safety measures across its vehicle lineup. By promptly addressing potential safety concerns, Toyota aims to uphold its reputation for reliability and customer trust in the automotive industry.

For owners of the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander and Lexus TX, staying informed about the recall and following the instructions provided by Toyota will be crucial.

This proactive approach not only ensures the safety of vehicle occupants but also demonstrates Toyota’s dedication to delivering quality and dependable vehicles to its customers.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, recalls such as these serve as important reminders of the collaborative effort needed to maintain vehicle safety standards.

Toyota’s commitment to addressing and resolving potential issues promptly reflects its proactive stance in safeguarding the welfare of drivers and passengers alike.