Turkey allows quarantine at dormitories for Pak students

Turkey allows quarantine at dormitories for Pak students

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s students arriving in Turkey will now undergo the mandatory quarantine period at designated dormitories rather than private hotels, as announced by the Turkish government.

The revised quarantine rules aim to alleviate the challenges faced by Pakistani students returning to academic institutions in Turkey after the summer break.

According to an official statement issued on Friday, the new rule will be effective from August 6, 2021, until September 1, 2021. During this period, Pakistani students arriving in Turkey will be quarantined for 10 days at the Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution (KYK)’s Muhteşem Süleyman Dormitory in Istanbul and Tahsin Banguoğlu KYK Dormitory in Ankara.

To avail of this facility, students must present a valid student identification document indicating enrollment in higher education in Turkey. Those studying at universities outside Istanbul or Ankara will only be allowed to travel to their registered provinces after completing the quarantine period at the designated dormitories.

However, individuals arriving from Pakistan with valid residence and work permits will be exempted from hotel quarantine and will observe their mandatory quarantine period in their residences. It’s important to note that these individuals are restricted to using private vehicles for transportation and are not permitted to use domestic flights or public transportation during this period.

The Embassy of Pakistan in Ankara expressed deep appreciation and gratitude to the relevant Turkish authorities for accommodating the request to amend quarantine rules. The embassy highlighted the collective effort to ensure the well-being of Pakistani students and affirmed the commitment of Pakistan Missions in Turkey to assist nationals to the best of their abilities.

The special arrangements are a testament to the diplomatic collaboration between Pakistan and Turkey, recognizing the unique circumstances faced by students during the ongoing global pandemic. The flexibility in quarantine procedures reflects a commitment to prioritizing the health and welfare of individuals traveling between the two countries while facilitating the continuation of educational pursuits.

As the world continues to grapple with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, such measures underscore the importance of international cooperation and understanding to navigate the complexities of cross-border travel and ensure the safety of individuals during these unprecedented times.