Worst weather halts flight operation at Skardu Airport

KARACHI: Worst weather conditions have halted flight operations at the world’s highest airports i.e. Skardu Airport, a statement said on Wednesday.

Worst weather conditions at Skardu Airport, one of the world’s heighest airports, has halted flight operations.

Skardu Airport is located at 7500 feet high and is considered one of the tallest airports in the world.

Skardu Airport is also known as Lifeline Airport.

Skardu Airport has experienced heavy snow fall from Sunday to Wednesday.

More then 18 inch snow has been accumulated at airfield during the period.

Snow removal work from car parking area, access road, runway and maneuvering area started on Tuesday at 09.00 hours Pakistan Standard Time (PST) with all available resources including one snow plough machine (Babcat) and 3 tractors.

4000 feet of runway from threshold runway 14 has been cleared till Wednesday.

Runway 14/32 is still blocked due to snow. Local administration is also helping Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in this regard.

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