Budget 2021/2022 at a glance

Budget 2021/2022 at a glance

ISLAMABAD: The federal government on Friday presented budget for fiscal year 2021/2022.

Following is the budget at a glance:

Total resources: Rs8,487 billion

Total revenue (Federal Board of Revenue): Rs5,829 billion

Non Tax Revenue: Rs2,080 billion

  • Gross Revenue Receipts: Rs7,909 billion
  • Less Provincial Share: Rs3,412 billion
  • Net Revenue Receipts (a-b):  Rs4,497 billion
  • Non Bank Borrowing (NSSs & Others): Rs1,241 billion
  • Net external receipts: Rs1,246 billion
  • Estimated provincial surplus: Rs570 billion
  • Bank Borrowing (T-Bills, PIBs, Sukuk): Rs681 billion
  • Privatization Proceeds: Rs252 billion

Total Expenditures Rs8,487 billion

  1. Current: Rs7,523 billion

Interest payments: Rs3,060 billion

Pension: Rs480 billion

Defence Services: Rs1,370 billion

Grants and Transfers to Provinces and Others: Rs1,168 billion

Subsidies: Rs682 billion

Running of Civil Government: Rs479 billion

Provision for contingencies and Fund: Rs25 billion

Provision for Disaster/Emergency/ COVID: Rs100 billion

Provision for pay and pension: Rs160 billion

  • Development: Rs964 billion

Federal PSDP: Rs900 billion

Net lending: Rs64 billion

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