BYD Qin Plus Upgraded with Advanced DM 5.0 PHEV Powertrain

BYD Qin Plus Upgraded with Advanced DM 5.0 PHEV Powertrain

BYD is enhancing its Qin Plus sedan with the introduction of the advanced DM 5.0 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) powertrain. Expect a refreshed design and potentially best-in-class fuel efficiency when the updated Qin Plus debuts in Q4 2024.

Subtle Style Enhancements

Recent spy shots hint at minor cosmetic upgrades to the Qin Plus. The front now features sleeker headlights and a more prominent lower grille, while the rear sports a slimmer taillight design, retaining its signature light bar. Inside, look for subtle interior tweaks.

DM 5.0 Powertrain Delivers

The most significant upgrade is under the hood, where the Qin Plus will house BYD’s state-of-the-art DM 5.0 PHEV system. This advanced powertrain, known for its remarkable efficiency, is expected to include the 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, which boasts a thermal efficiency of 46.06%—a leading figure in the industry.

Fuel economy is projected to be outstanding, potentially reaching 2.9 liters per 100 kilometers, based on the performance of similar BYD models. The driving range could extend to an impressive 2,100 kilometers, making it ideal for long journeys.

Multiple Electric Motor Options

The Qin Plus might offer options between 120 kW and 160 kW electric motors, ensuring ample torque. Potential battery pack choices include 10.1 kWh and 15.9 kWh, translating to all-electric ranges of 80 km and 120 km, respectively, or potentially even more.

Retaining Winning Features

The new Qin Plus is expected to maintain the current model’s dimensions of 4765 x 1837 x 1495 mm with a 2718 mm wheelbase. Given its lighter weight compared to the Qin L, the Qin Plus could achieve even better fuel economy and range.

Pricing and Availability

Currently, the BYD Qin Plus DM-i is priced between 79,800 and 125,800 yuan (approximately $10,980 – $17,300 USD). Official pricing details for the upgraded Qin Plus are expected to be announced later this year.