Comparison of Honri-VE and ORA 03 EVs in Pakistan, Price, Specs

Comparison of Honri-VE and ORA 03 EVs in Pakistan, Price, Specs

In this article, we will compare the Honri-VE and ORA 03 electric vehicles available in Pakistan. Both EVs boast unique features and performance metrics, distinguishing them in the market.


The ORA 03 is produced by Great Wall Motors (GWM) and distributed locally by Sazgar Engineering Works Limited. In contrast, the Honri-VE is manufactured by Honri Auto and distributed by Dewan Farooque Motors Limited (DFML) in Pakistan.

Price Comparison

ORA 03: Priced at PKR 8,999,999 ex-factory.

Honri-VE: Priced at PKR 3,999,000 ex-factory.

The significant price difference is evident, making the Honri-VE a more budget-friendly option.

Performance Metrics

ORA 03:

Battery: Available in 48kWh or 63kWh Lithium-Ion variants.

Motor: Single front-mounted motor with 126kW power and 250Nm torque.

Range: Standard variant offers up to 310km, extended variant up to 420km.

Charging: Rapid charging capability, reaching 80% in 41 to 50 minutes.


Battery: Ternary Lithium Battery.

Motor: Permanent Synchronous motor.

Driving Modes: Economy and Sports modes for varied driving experiences.

Regenerative Braking: Enhances efficiency by recharging the battery during stops.

Exterior Design

ORA 03:

Sleek contours with futuristic LED tail lights and signature brake light bar.

Features include electrically adjustable headlamps and a panoramic sunroof.


Modern and compact design with a surprisingly spacious interior.

Distinctive front grille and stylish alloy rims, enhancing both aesthetics and aerodynamics.

Interior Features

ORA 03:

Luxurious interior with power-adjustable faux leatherette seats.

Intelligent features like Single Pedal Drive mode and dual 10.25″ display screens.

Wireless phone charging and convenient steering wheel controls.


Comfort-focused design with electric power steering and knob-type transmission.

10.25-inch Android-powered infotainment screen for connectivity and entertainment.

Rearview camera and parking sensors for improved maneuverability and safety.

Safety Features

ORA 03:

5-star safety rating from ANCAP.

Advanced systems like Driver Drowsiness Detection, Traffic Sign Recognition, and 360-degree cameras.


Equipped with ABS and TPMS for optimal braking and tire health.

Driver-only SRS airbag and low-speed pedestrian warning system.

Automatic lock after collision feature for added security post-impact.


Choosing between the Honri-VE and ORA 03 depends on your budget and specific needs. The Honri-VE offers affordability and essential features, making it an excellent choice for everyday use.

In contrast, the ORA 03, with its advanced technology and luxurious attributes, caters to those seeking a premium EV experience.

Both vehicles contribute to the growing electric vehicle market in Pakistan, promoting sustainable and efficient transportation options.