Crowe “The Exorcism” in Theaters, Streaming Release Imminent

Crowe “The Exorcism” in Theaters, Streaming Release Imminent

Russell Crowe’s latest horror movie, The Exorcism, is currently captivating audiences in theaters. Fans eager to watch the film from the comfort of their homes are already wondering when it will be available on streaming platforms.

The Exorcism hit theaters on Friday and stars Crowe as Tony Miller, a once-successful actor struggling with addiction issues while attempting a comeback. Tony lands a role as a priest in a film reminiscent of the horror classic The Exorcist.

However, Tony’s character is deeply affected by past traumas, including the loss of his wife and terrifying experiences from his youth.

As Tony immerses himself in his role, he confronts personal demons that threaten to derail his career and sanity. The film’s plot intensifies as these inner struggles intertwine with a sinister presence believed to curse the movie set.

Directed by Joshua John Miller, The Exorcism boasts a talented cast, including Ryan Simpkins as Tony’s estranged adult daughter Lee, Chloe Bailey as co-star Blake, and David Hyde Pierce as Father Conor, a priest who serves as a consultant for the film’s production.

Currently, The Exorcism is exclusively available in theaters. However, like most theatrical releases, it is expected to make its way to digital streaming platforms soon.

Financed by Miramax and distributed by Vertical Entertainment, The Exorcism has an 18-day theatrical window, as reported by Deadline. This suggests that the film will likely become available on premium video on demand (PVOD) shortly after July 9. While no specific PVOD date has been announced yet, fans can anticipate its digital release around this timeframe.

For now, horror enthusiasts can catch The Exorcism in theaters, with streaming availability expected to follow soon, offering a chilling addition to home movie nights. Stay tuned for updates on the official streaming release date and enjoy the latest horror experience brought to life by Russell Crowe and an impressive supporting cast.