Customs imposes 10pc fine for releasing unregistered phones

KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Wednesday imposed a fine of 10 percent on the total amount of duty and taxes involved for the clearance of unregistered mobile phones.
Customs authorities said that the FBR issued SROs stating that mobile devices with SIM or IMEI functionality brought into Pakistan in violation of Customs Act, 1969, which have been seized or voluntarily presented to customs authorities after January 15, 2019, shall be released on payment of applicable duty and taxes along with imposition of fine equivalent to ten percent of the amount of duty and taxes involved.
In order to collect the fine for clearance of unregistered phone devices, the FBR also upgraded the posts of customs officials.
The FBR said that for this purpose additional collector had been empowered to exercise the powers of collector of customs.
Meanwhile deputy collector and assistant collector have been empowered to exercise the powers of additional collector.

By A. Khan

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