Customs Peshawar to Conduct Auction of Vehicles on April 17

Customs Peshawar to Conduct Auction of Vehicles on April 17

The Collectorate of Customs Enforcement Peshawar has announced a forthcoming auction of various vehicles scheduled to take place on April 17, 2024.

This auction, set to be held in Peshawar, presents an opportunity for interested buyers to acquire a range of vehicles through competitive bidding.

A diverse array of vehicles is slated for auction, promising a selection to suit various preferences and requirements. The vehicles listed for auction include models from renowned brands such as Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Suzuki, offering potential buyers a wide spectrum of options to explore.

The list of vehicles scheduled for auction, as provided by the Collectorate of Customs Enforcement Peshawar, encompasses a range of models spanning different years of manufacture. Among the vehicles to be auctioned are:

Vehicles at Peshawar Warehouse:

1. Toyota Corolla Car Model 2006

2. Toyota Land Cruiser Model 1991

3. Toyota Aqua Car Model 2014

4. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Jeep Model 2003

5. Toyota RAUM Car, Model 2003

6. Toyota Passo Car Model 2004

7. Toyota Lexus LX570 Super Sports (5700cc) Model 2017

8. Honda Civic (Hybrid) Model 2005

Vehicles at State Warehouse Nowshera:

1. Toyota Vitz Car Model 2004

2. Toyota Aqua Car Model 2015

Vehicles at State Warehouse, Abbottabad:

1. Mitsubishi Turbo-Pajero Model 1992

2. Suzuki Alto Car 2011

Prospective buyers are encouraged to carefully review the details of each vehicle, including its model, year of manufacture, and any additional information provided. Prior inspection of the vehicles may also be arranged to enable interested parties to assess their condition and suitability before the auction date.

It is essential for participants to familiarize themselves with the auction procedures and terms of sale outlined by the Collectorate of Customs Enforcement Peshawar to ensure a smooth and transparent bidding process. Adherence to the specified guidelines will facilitate a fair and equitable auction, allowing all participants an equal opportunity to secure their desired vehicles.

The auction presents a valuable opportunity for individuals and businesses alike to acquire quality vehicles at competitive prices. Interested parties are advised to mark their calendars for April 17, 2024, and make necessary preparations to participate in the auction conducted by the Customs Enforcement Peshawar. Further details regarding the auction proceedings and registration requirements can be obtained from the designated authorities.

As the auction date approaches, anticipation builds among prospective buyers eager to seize the opportunity to acquire their preferred vehicles. With a diverse selection of models available, the upcoming auction promises an exciting opportunity for vehicle enthusiasts and investors to make valuable additions to their automotive collections.