Electric vehicles to reduce 60pc fuel cost: Amin Aslam

Electric vehicles to reduce 60pc fuel cost: Amin Aslam

KARACHI: The use of electric vehicles will reduce fuel cost by 60 percent and it will also resolve environmental issues caused by pollution, Malik Amin Aslam, Advisor to Prime Minister for Climate Change, said on Thursday.

Addressing at a press conference, Amin Aslam said that the government had approved first ever Electric Vehicle Policy and the industry would start working soon.

“The owners of motor cycles, three-wheelers and buses can reduce their monthly fuel cost by 60 percent with uses of electric vehicle technology,” he said.

He said that on Saturday he would meet the Prime Minister and after that meeting the electric motor vehicle industry would start operation.

The modern technology will help the country to save around $2 billion foreign exchange, which are being spent on oil import.

He said that the country had facing environmental issues. He said that such projects would be successful for clean environment such as in Lahore city.

He said that the electricity generation in the country had improved.

The country is facing large import bill especially for oil import bill. He said in case 30 percent vehicles converted to electric mechanism than the country will able to save around $2 billion.

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