FBR announces prize winners of 4th POS invoice draw

FBR announces prize winners of 4th POS invoice draw

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Friday conducted fourth draw of invoices issued through Point of Sales (POS) and announced prize winners.

According to the computerized balloting, the bumper prize of Rs1,000,000 has been awarded to Muhammad Ali on the invoice issued by Carefour.

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The FBR announced winners of two second prizes of Rs500,000 each to Syed Tahir Ali Rizvi on the invoice issued by Shan Super Market and Hussain Raza Bhatti on the invoice issued by Jalal Sons.

Similarly, the four winners of third prize amounting Rs250,000 each are Abdul Waheed Shaikh, Mishal Zohaib, Sher Allam Khan and Mansoor Mehmood.

The FBR conduct computerized balloting of invoices issued by Tier-1 retailers on every 15th day of a month. This was fourth draw as it was started in January 15, 2022.

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The FBR encouraged people to actively participate in the balloting to win prizes after buying from POS integrated retailers.

The FBR previously issued a procedure for participating in the prize scheme.

The revenue body said that the customers of the integrated tier-1 retailers, whose names and CNICs are notified through random computerized draw shall be entitled to prizes in respect of their purchases from the integrated tier-1 retailers.

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The customers shall verify the electronically generated invoice of integrated retailers either through the “tax asaan” application or by sending SMS to number 9966.

The application shall notify the customer regarding the status of the invoice either as “verified” or “unverified”.

In case of a verified invoice, the customer shall furnish one time, the following detail to the online system, namely:- Name; CNIC; and Mobile number.

Names and CNICs of the customers shall be included in the random computerized draw upon fulfillment of the requirement.

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In case of an unverified invoice, the customer shall report the same through the system. The Board shall conduct inquiry and take appropriate action under the relevant provisions of law.

The computerized draw for the prizes shall be held in the first week of every month at the FBR Headquarters and the invoices of the immediately preceding month shall be entered in the draw.

Draw winners shall be required to perform biometric verification, at the nearest e-sahulat facility of NADRA and submit a scanned copy on the “tax assan” application. After successful biometric verification, winners shall be required to provide their IBAN through a “tax asaan” application.

The total prize money and the denomination of the prizes shall be decided on month to month basis by the Board.

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