FBR chairman agrees on abolishing withholding tax on raw materials

FBR chairman agrees on abolishing withholding tax on raw materials

KARACHI: Shabbar Zaidi, Chairman, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Saturday asked business community to provide list of raw material for reducing tax rates on import stage.

Addressing the business community at Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), Shabbar Zaidi agreed with the business community that there should not be withholding tax on import of raw material.

The KCCI members raised the issue that withholding tax rates ranging 3 percent to 6 percent were imposed on import of raw materials.

“Yes. There should not be withholding tax on raw material,” Zaidi said and asked the KCCI to provide list for taking action before the next budget.

Talking on Amnesty Scheme – 2019, the chairman said that the asset declaration scheme was clear and there was no ambiguity.

He said that the scheme would be part of the Finance Bill for formal approval from the parliament and it would be the same as promulgated through the presidential ordinance.

The chairman said that the rules were being formulated for intending declarants.

Shabbar Zaidi also talked about smuggling and misuse of tax concessions.

He said that tax relief may be given to small number of raw materials but it cannot be extended to all imported goods.

He said that Afghan Transit Trade was used for smuggling into Pakistan. “But there are other ways to import illegal goods into the country,” he added.

The chairman asked the business community that once they declare the smuggled goods were illegal for selling in the local market. “If the business community support and promise there will be no protest then the raids against illicit goods will be launched from tomorrow,” the chairman added.

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