FBR notifies rules for online monitoring of five major items

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has notified rules for electronic monitoring of five goods in order to prevent sales tax evasion.
The FBR issued SRO 250(I)/2019 on Tuesday for electronic monitoring, tracking and tracing of production, import and supply-chain of the following goods, on real time basis, hereinafter referred to as the specified goods, namely:-
(a) tobacco Products;
(b) beverages;
(c) sugar;
(d) fertilizer; and
(e) cement:
Provided that any or all of the said specified goods above shall be monitored, tracked and traced in the manner provided in this Chapter from the date to be specified by the FBR, through a general order:
Provided further that the specified goods, if brought from non-tariff area as defined in the Federal Excise Act, 2005, shall be treated as imported goods for the purposes of this chapter.
The FBR said that goods to be affixed with tax stamps, banderoles, stickers, labels, barcodes, etc.
(1) On every package, including a tin, container or bottle, of the specified goods whether manufactured or imported shall be affixed or printed a tax stamp, banderole, sticker, label, barcode, etc., hereinafter referred to as tax stamp, in the manner prescribed under this Chapter:
Provided that in respect of such specified goods which are exempt or meant for export tax stamps shall not be required to be affixed thereon, but shall be clearly, legibly and indelibly marked as “Exempt Goods” or “For Export”, as the case may be.
(2) Every tax stamp required to be affued under these rules shall bear such security features as are approved by the Board in order to-
(a) prevent counterfeiting;
(b) enable accounting of production of the specified goods; and
(c) enable any person in the supply chain or an officer authorized by the Commissioner Inland Revenue to authenticate such tax stamp.
(3) The system for imported goods shall be installed in a designated area at the port of importation or a customs bonded warehouse, as the case may be, declared by the importer for this purpose, or any other place approved by the Project Director:
Provided that the Board may allow tax stamps to be affixed on any specified goods to be imported in a production facility in the exporting country, subject to such conditions as the Board may specify.
(4) No person engaged in manufacturing, sale or purchase or handling of specified goods shall remove or tamper with the tax stamp affixed thereon until these are sold to the final consumer.

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