GWM POER Powers into Mexico, Debuts with Style, Performance

GWM POER Powers into Mexico, Debuts with Style, Performance

Great Wall Motor (GWM) is expanding its footprint in Mexico with the launch of the GWM POER pickup truck. The “Redefining the POWER” event in Mexico City marked the introduction of GWM’s fifth model in the Mexican market, following the HAVAL H6, HAVAL JOLION, ORA 03, and TANK 300 HEV.

GWM POER Targets Diverse Needs

The launch event, attended by over 400 guests including media, bloggers, dealers, and potential customers, showcased the versatility of the GWM POER.

Displays highlighted its adaptability across various settings, from urban environments to off-road terrains, and attendees had the opportunity to test drive the POER, experiencing its power and handling on diverse tracks.

Built for the Mexican Market

GWM has tailored the POER to meet the specific needs of Mexican users. Pre-launch road testing ensured the vehicle is well-suited to local road conditions, traffic regulations, and driving habits.

Available in passenger and commercial versions, the POER offers four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive options. Its 2.0L turbocharged engine provides a balance of power, fuel economy, and reliability, with a payload capacity of 1,050 kg and a towing capacity of 2,250 kg.

GWM POER: A Global Success Story

During the event, GWM highlighted the global success of the POER. Since its introduction five years ago, the POER has sold over 600,000 units worldwide, earning significant user trust.

GWM also emphasized its commitment to innovation, having maintained the number one sales position in China’s pickup market for 26 consecutive years.

GWM Strengthens Partnerships in Mexico

The launch event included a session for potential business partners. Representatives from leading companies in banking, insurance, logistics, and other sectors explored collaboration opportunities with GWM.

Several companies expressed interest and signed letters of intent, recognizing GWM’s product strength and potential for long-term partnerships.

GWM Celebrates New Owners

A handover ceremony for the first GWM POER owners in Mexico was also part of the event. New owners praised the vehicle’s stylish design, comfortable driving experience, and reliable performance, highlighting its suitability for both family and commercial use.

GWM’s Commitment to the Mexican Market

Since entering the Mexican market in September 2023, GWM has rapidly expanded its offerings. With the launch of the POER, GWM now offers five models to meet diverse customer needs.

The company is actively building its dealership network, with 40 outlets covering 80 percent of Mexico’s core areas. GWM’s commitment extends beyond sales, with sponsorships in the LMB baseball league and Spartan Race events, integrating the brand into the local sports scene.

GWM: A Global Automotive Leader

The launch of the GWM POER in Mexico underscores the company’s dedication to user-centricity, offering high-quality products tailored to local preferences.

By engaging with local businesses and communities, GWM is demonstrating the value and reliability of Chinese automotive brands. This expansion in Mexico strengthens GWM’s presence in Latin America and accelerates its global reach, delivering superior driving experiences to users worldwide.