Hapag Lloyd revises requirement of NTN for Pakistan imports

KARACHI: Hapag Lloyd has revised its announcement and now requirement of National Tax Number (NTN) of Pakistani importers is not mandatory any more, according an official memorandum of Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA).

According to the official memorandum, the KCAA informed its members that in the previous announcement by the Hapag Lloyd regarding mandatory requirement of NTN of importer on Import Bill of Lading.

KCAA initiated immediate action and approached the Competent Authority of MCC-Preventive and concerned Shipping Association i.e. PSAA and APSA.

“Due to efforts of KCAA, the Hapag Lloyd has revised the announcement on their website and the requirement of NTN of importer is not mandatory anymore,” it said.

Since only Container Ownership NTN field is appearing in the Pakistan Customs online system hence only Container Ownership NTN is required.

Hapag Lloyd has updated the mandatory requirement for bills of lading to Pakistan.

It said:

Pakistan Imports – Mandatory requirements for Bills of Lading to Pakistan

As per our previous announcement related to Pakistan Customs advisement of the required Importer National Tax Number (NTN), we understand that only Container Ownership NTN field is appearing in the Pakistan Customs online system and there is no field added related to Importer NTN.

Therefore, only Shipper Own Container, SOC, unit NTN and Tariff for local charges, free time and detention tariff on the bill of lading will be implemented at this time.

Once we receive notification that Pakistan Customs is ready for the Importers NTN, we will keep you updated accordingly.

Presently, following two requirements of import bills of lading are implemented for Pakistan.

1) Mandatory requirement to update Container Ownership NTN # (National Tax Number) on Bill of Lading for Shipper Own Container, SOC, units effective January 15, 2020.

According to Pakistan Customs, all Carriers are bound to file Customs manifest including Container Ownership NTN# for Carrier Own Container and SOC units for each shipment.

The Consignee NTN number is to be updated on the Bill of Lading which is released by origin office for SOC unit.

All customers are requested to please provide your local importer NTN number along with the importer name and address while submitting the SI (Shipping Instructions) for SOC units.

Pakistan Customs will not accept the manifest if the NTN number is missing.

As per Customs rule, a non-manifested unit is not allowed to discharge at Pakistan and will remain on board at customer’s risk, cost and responsibility.

2) Publication of Tariff on Bill of Lading Related to Local Charges / Free Time / Detention Tariff

Effective immediately, according to Pakistan Customs Rules 2001 amended in Responsibilities of Licensee for imports into Pakistan, the Carrier is to update all local collect charges other than freight on the Bill of Lading itself. The Carrier must also state on the Bill of Lading the agreed free days and detention tariff per container.

All shipments which will be discharged in Pakistan for clearance or in transit to Afghanistan, must reflect the required charges details.”

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