Inflation for essential items rises by 11.9 percent

Inflation for essential items rises by 11.9 percent

ISLAMABAD: The prices of essential items have increased by 11.90 percent by week ended March 28, 2018 as compared with the same week last year.

The Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) – the barometer to gauge price movement of 53 essential items – showed that inflation had increased for all the income group from Rs8,000 / month to Rs35,000 per month and above.

The income group falling between Rs18,001 to Rs35,000 faced inflationary pressure by 12.85 percent. Meanwhile the inflation for the income group Rs35,000 and above was recorded at 16.14 percent.

However, the SPI based inflation fell 0.36 percent when compared with previous week.

During the week ended March 28, 2019 the average prices of 20 items registered increase as compared with week ended March 21, 2019, which included: potatoes (6.5 percent); Onions (2.52 percent); Bananas (1.82 percent); Pulse Moong (washed) (1.47 percent) etc.

However, average prices of nine items registered decline during the week under review, which included: tomatoes (32.57 percent); Eggs (6.78 percent); LPG cylinder (2.7 percent) etc.

While average prices of 24 items were remained unchanged during the week.

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